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the execution of a program that preempts the use of the processing system

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Section 2 consists of some background information on course LING 131, before a brief review in section 3 of the basic tenets of foregrounding theory as proposed by Mukarovsky, and developed in the work of, amongst others, Leech (A Linguistic Guide to English Poetry), Van Peer ("The Stylistic Theory of Foregrounding," Stylistics and Psychology), and Douthwaite.
The relevance of this to foregrounding is discussed in detail in section 4.
Of particular importance to LING 131 is the notion of foregrounding (reviewed in section 3).
The notion of foregrounding comes originally from the visual arts and refers to those elements of a work of art that stand out in some way.
The principles of foregrounding theory are observable in the work of the Gestalt psychologists of the early 1900s, particularly in Rubin's work on the distinction between figure and ground (see Koffka 177-210 for a detailed exposition of the figure and ground hypothesis).
Foregrounding can be achieved in one of two ways, either via parallelism or by deviation.
Foregrounding, or motivated deviation from linguistic or other socially accepted norms, has been claimed to be a basic principle of aesthetic communication.
To begin with the first method of achieving foregrounding, linguistic parallelism can be defined as unexpected regularity within a text, as can be seen in the example below, from President George W.
The regularity of the syntactic pattern thus creates a foregrounding effect whereby the three sentences can all be seen to have the same positive overtones.
The two examples given demonstrate how linguistic foregrounding can be achieved.
Section 4.2 consists of a discussion as to how the lectures deviate internally in order to maintain the element of surprise generated by foregrounding.
While each of these narrative strategies succeeds in foregrounding the race mother's role in reproducing racial and sexual borders, Doyle indicates that the "intercorporeal" narratives provide the most significant rethinking of the split between the material and the intellectual worlds.
This all happens within the framework of the series, which, for McKeever, becomes a means of foregrounding the interdependency of the works.
Rosen frequently revisits the horse's head, foregrounding the animal's power and vulnerability, and using a range of associations to inscribe the tensions between abstraction and figuration.
Whereas the Bechers have constructed an archive of architectural exteriors foregrounding the notion of cultural progress implicit in their synthesis of utilitarian program and utopian modern design, Hofer has focused upon the interior of various public edifices--the museum, the archive, and the library.