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Synonyms for foreground

Synonyms for foreground

the part of a scene that is near the viewer

(computer science) a window for an active application

move into the foreground to make more visible or prominent

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Performing it on a full image requires a lot of memory to store the foreground, background, and result.
[10] proposed an automatic method to extract a foreground object captured from multiple viewpoints.
Chandrasekaran put forward the "low-rank + sparse" model to achieve the purpose of background modeling and foreground detection in the video processing field [10].
It includes foreground colour correction to help create a natural-looking composite picture as well as up to ten frames of foreground delay adjustment for offsetting the delay caused by the graphics generators.
Frame difference [18] calculates pixel gray scale difference between adjacent two frames in a continuous image sequences and determines foreground by setting threshold.
"Another old coloured postcard, this time depicting Christ Church, is pictured when it was still surrounded by farmland, as can be seen from the cow and horse in the foreground.
Foreground Security said that through the Alliant SB GWAC, it is providing Assyst with IT security technical and consulting services to enhance the security capabilities of US federal agencies.
The source in the middle of the "eye", pictured, is the foreground lensing galaxy, whilst the surrounding blue ring is the near-complete Einstein ring image of the background star-forming galaxy The Cosmic Eye allowed scientists to observe a young star-forming galaxy, which lies about 11 billion light years from Earth, as it appeared just two billion years after the Big Bang.
The concentric rings are generated when two separate background galaxies line up exactly with the same foreground body.
Foreground music, by contrast, maintains the primary emphasis on the actual sound heard by the listener.
2 An artist dips plant fiber into plaster to create the foreground terrain.
Moving through the spaces, the hill becomes the principal point of orientation as part of a-unique foreground scenery, the effect of which diminishes the impact of any glimpses to apparently distant neighbouring buildings when seen against the building's crooked horizon.
But here in the foreground, standing guard over all, is the looming cypress, shaped like flames, reaching to the highest star, rooted deeper than we can see, into and under the town cemetery.
My wide-angle lens creates a layered sense of depth and provides maximum depth of focus from foreground to background.
This provides an engrossing story with a cover that reflects the futuristic theme--smeared zeros and ones in the background with a provocative female Imagofas in the foreground. Sherry Hoy, Lib.