foregone conclusion

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At its world premiere in London's Leicester Square last week, Foregone Conclusion performed songs outside before the film The hardest keeping a was screened.
While the polls would suggest it is a foregone conclusion for the Yes side, this may not transpire when it comes to the vote.
Qatar has completed the process and the 2022 World Cup in Qatar is a foregone conclusion," the Kuwaiti told a Qatar Olympic committee reception at the Asian Games in Incheon.
It was ritualized foregone conclusion, like the resignation of
FORMER Liverpool defender Jamie Carragher does not believe it is a foregone conclusion that striker Luis Suarez will leave this summer.
There is no foregone conclusion about who is going to start.
However, if you had paid attention to the betting then the result of the election was a foregone conclusion - and had been for some time.
To vote is a waste of time because the results are a foregone conclusion.
He said: "A new recession is not a foregone conclusion.
It's a foregone conclusion that the composition of the Texas Senate, 19 Republicans and 12 Democrats, means the controversial voter ID bill will win approval in the upper chamber.
While permission was seen as a foregone conclusion, I was cheered that many of the councillors on the committee raised concerns about the unworkable traffic proposals.
In today's society, getting this little one back safe and sound was fortunate, not a foregone conclusion.
Richard suggested that getting increased penalty rates would then be a foregone conclusion, and he's probably right.
Despite the flamboyant Lambert appearing to be the favorite, it was never a foregone conclusion he would win the final vote.
Mini-Me Verne Troyer was the bookies' hot favourite and it seemed like a foregone conclusion - until he was voted off and Ulrika-ka-ka was crowned the winner.