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Clouds of electricity foregather upon the glowering horizon visible in the window behind Lisa's amps.
Despite the importance of the new modes of transport that whisked people up to London and shuttled them to and from the suburbs, the Victorian practice was still to live in close neighbourhood association, to walk long distances daily, and to foregather frequently in domestic and pseudo-domestic groups.
Pat used to sometimes foregather with Professor Burns and other students at the Blue Moon Tavern near the U-District.
In the ancient days it was populated, an island within an island, so to say, since there are great cliffs on all sides of it; and way beyond, in the olden days, so it was said, all the islanders would foregather at a cairtain slab of rock, above Struidh, where nobody ever goes today, to make sacrifices to their savage gods on feast-days.
Of the gay company of us that used to foregather in Boston, thirty-five years ago and more, not one is left but himself and me"; he went on to write of who "was entitled to the precedence in the great procession.
United Kingdom do not, from time to time, foregather in Protestant
Apart from Peter Murray's prestigious closed-entry Architecture Club, there is a livery company, several dining clubs which foregather every second month in City livery halls and conduct slightly unhygienic rituals, proper Masonic lodges, hundreds of save this and that century's architecture societies, the private view invite lists of the multitude of architecture-related institutions and museums, groups of likeminded people which meet informally and occasionally give themselves a joke name (one was called the Philistine Fellowship) -- plus a lot more whose existence is either apocryphal or carefully hidden from the ears of the press.
Rather than endorsing any political cause, von Helmholtz argued, magazine editors and contributors (and indeed all artists) should see themselves as crusading martyrs who strive to preserve what is good and noble in western culture: "The enlightened man should foregather with other enlightened men and plot for the preservation of enlightenment.
They show how when writers foregather their favourite topic is still money and how to get published (558).