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"Growing up in a house Heaven forefend, but might honest journalistic ethics and the wisdom of Jesus be closer than we think?
This overabundance of personality is coded in such a way that it registers as impersonal, as it is so particular that it escapes identification or, heaven forefend, resonance.
They, too, are but minute factors in the total machinery, little able to forefend against disaster or the ultimate nothingness that swallows them.
pleasure of other people, heaven forefend that it should be at
Nevertheless, without violating the substantive abstention which both corporate law and corporate law scholarship must always embrace, it might plausibly be imagined that corporate boards charged with the obligation to speak openly, honestly and sincerely about the interests of multiple stakeholders might manage their firms in such a manner as to, for example, forefend from artificially increasing the levels of addictive nicotine in the tobacco they grow for use in cigarettes, or they might better alert consumers of junk-food to the adverse health consequences associated with substantial weight gain, or perhaps they would include more state-of-the-art environmental safeguards when drilling for oil in fragile ecosystems.
ISLAMABAD, November 13, 2009 (Balochistan Times): Minister for Interior Rehman Malik Friday told National Assembly that as many as 90,000 Afghanis had got fake national identity cards and passports but the computerization of the system has helped a lot to forefend such attempts.
Heaven forefend, but this really is just ridiculous.
Religion provides a way of looking at the world--and so does homosexuality, which makes one wonder why the rubric "Also by Brad Gooch" lists only the author's biography of Frank O'Hara, City Poet--but not his novel The Golden Age of Promiscuity, or Dating the Greek Gods, or, heaven forefend, Finding the Boyfriend Within.
However if you already have a Batchelor's degree and you want to re-train, or, heaven forefend, you want to do some more study at the same level or below just for the joy of learning, the university/ college you attend will no longer get any subsidy for your fees from this year.
The necessary professional distinctions between the trained and untrained, licensed and unlicensed, and, heaven forefend, even faculty and student, will break down.