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Synonyms for foredoom

to predestine to a tragic end


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doom beforehand

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The atmosphere of foredoomed defeat in his own corner had no effect on him.
It was something as exciting in a way, and even touching in its foredoomed futility, as the efforts at moral intercourse between the inhabitants of remote planets.
Wherever he went, this foredoomed Tip appeared to take the prison walls with him, and to set them up in such trade or calling; and to prowl about within their narrow limits in the old slip-shod, purposeless, down-at-heel way; until the real immovable Marshalsea walls asserted their fascination over him, and brought him back.
They were foredoomed to die, and they knew the truth.
The doctrine of reprobation was taught by Calvin, whose joy in it was somewhat marred by the sad sincerity of his conviction that although some are foredoomed to perdition, others are predestined to salvation.
By Tadjadine Bechir Niam 1- On 13 March 2011, the negotiating Parties: Liberation and Justice Movement(LJM) and Government of Sudan(GOS), JEM is still studying endorsed the 4 Chapters proposed by the Joint Mediation(AU-UN& Qatari Mediation) on 12 February 2011, namely on Human Rights and Fundamental Foredooms; Wealth Sharing; Compensation, Return of IDPs and Refugees; and Justice and Reconciliation.
The owner of rotten tenement houses, whose "pull" enables him to ignore the orders of the health department, foredooms babies, it is true, but for all that he is no Herod.
Moreover, their aggressive intervention in her tale virtually foredooms it to insufficiency and incompleteness.