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sentenced to terrible, irrevocable punishment

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Neruda is at once a literary riff--soaring far above such foredoomed attempts at putting a writer in his own world as Wim Wenders's Hammett (1982) and Steven Soderbergh's Kafka (1991)--and a metahistorical national epic.
That was a foredoomed strategy, because the US government would even subsidise its fracking industry, if it had to, rather than give up on the dream of "energy independence" (self-sufficiency in oil production).
The tragic dimension of The Hairy Ape surfaces in this foredoomed pursuit of "the unattainable".
Man is a creature who is foredoomed to one-sidedness, yet who becomes humane only in proportion as he triumphs over this fatality of his nature, only as he arrives at that measure which comes from tempering his virtues, each by its opposite.
He also has one foredoomed crush on a blond Hungarian fellow student who is the daughter of a local aristocrat.
Any attempt to render a new depth to the Single Market, but which disregards this social dimension shall be foredoomed to failure.
Is his Middle Eastern gambit, like his Ukrainian intervention, a flailing, foredoomed to regain ground that Russia has lost of late?
The fight against consequences, if reasons are not removed, is a foredoomed one.
their foredoomed actions seem heroic, their desire for freedom a cause
Most of the Sinhala rebels who joined this foredoomed insurrection were the 'children of 56' - a generation driven to frustration by rising unemployment and the political bankruptcy of the mainstream parties.
The ongoing bloody battles in the Middle East to establish an "Islamic State" governed by Sharia law is foredoomed to failure.
Sparagmos, or the sense that heroism and effective action are absent, disorganized or foredoomed to defeat, and that confusion and anarchy reign over the world, is the archetypal theme of irony and satire.
The pursuit of perfection is usually foredoomed, but the Los Angeles City Ethics Commission, which has a latitudinarian understanding of ethical behavior, has a perfectly awful idea.
15) Adding to this belief is the pervasive but confused idea that any strong diplomatic-economic initiative abroad is doomed to failure and constitutes an unwelcome and foredoomed intervention as if it were a large-scale military operation, as in Iraq or Afghanistan.