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  • verb

Synonyms for foredoom

to predestine to a tragic end


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doom beforehand

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However, bad luck stalked the mission, as one mishap after another seemed to foredoom the operation.
So it would seem that any metaphors drawn from this realm already conceptually foredoom the enterprise.
They are a set of values among which "respect for absolute foredoom of conscience" which implies "independence of the public sphere from the religious norm," said FIDH and REMDH in a communique.
Being outgunned need not foredoom you to being outfought.
Having set an unreachable standard, they foredoom him to damnation, from which only divine grace can deliver him....
The Supreme Court's decision in Ortiz therefore seems to foredoom any use of Rule 23 to resolve futures claims in mass torts injury cases.
The upshot is that mismanagement of the pre-merger phase can foredoom a deal.
The language and verse style of these opening lines foredoom Tennyson's imagined Britain to conquest and oblivion from the instant of its invention.
I have yet to be convinced that population growth rates foredoom us to ecological catastrophes and that our environmental dislocations are due exclusively or overwhelmingly to self-indulgent shoppers.
The inescapable conclusion of all this is that a clear sexual consciousness and a natural regulation of sexual life [that is, abandonment of biblical restraints on sexual self-indulgence] must foredoom every form of mystical religion."
The plunge illustrated investors' worries Trump has no solution to his trade war other than by raising the tariffs again and again in a foredoomed effort to "win" his trade war.
There in this place of death, shut-off, walled-in, foredoomed, there were things of the spirit done by men and women like Dvora.
"EU funding continues for the widely detested, nowhere supported, and foredoomed communist insurgency composed of the last dregs of the New Khmer Rouge, as US intelligence branded them in the late 80s," Locsin said in the statement.
evolving nature of our industrialism foredoomed to reversal").