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the part of a book that faces inward when the book is shelved


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Foredge and tail untrimmed until the impression dated 1941 and those that follow.
Endpapers are printed in orange; foredge and tail untrimmed.
Pentagonal foredge flaps: a diversity of formats shapes and placements
The pentagonal foredge flap that is so closely associated with Islamic manuscript bindings is a consistent feature of the bindings that we have thus far encountered.
Conservation implications of the closing position of the foredge flap
The placement of the foredge flap may initially appear to be little more than a pedantic argument--but it has a very real consequence for the conservation of the manuscripts.
In being aware of the history and context of Islamic manuscripts, aided evidence of the closing placement of the foredge flap outside of the manuscript cover will allow us to make certain recommendations regarding future practice and should conservation replacement covers be constructed for manuscripts.