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the deck between the bridge and the forecastle

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Going starboard and after passing the day head, stairs lead down to the guest area of the lower deck, whereas moving forward, you come first to the owner's study before reaching the full-beam master cabin in the foredeck, measuring 6.50 m in width and providing the owner with spacious storage room, two dressing rooms and a large bathroom with dual facilities and a central shower.
Borie's bow is stuck a top U-405's foredeck after a failed attempt to ram the sub.
To secure the blind, Simmons bolted wooden bases to the gunwale lips and the foredeck, which is also made of wood/fiberglass overlay.
At Sea (2004-2007) shows three stages in the life of a freighter, from high-tech construction in South Korea to transoceanic passage (a city of varicolored containers crowding the foredeck of a vessel so big it looks like a landmass) to demolition, on a beach in Bangladesh, by skinny workers wielding hand tools, like ants taking apart a watermelon.
Samson sat at the controls of a Short Brothers-manufactured aircraft and took off from the foredeck of the battleship HMS Hibernia.
They are loud and greedy, and when he can, he takes his evening meal out to the foredeck and sits watching the silver tips of the waves break against the hull, or the slant of the seabirds across the horizon.
The coast guard published photos of the submerged ship resting awkwardly on a sandbank, its foredeck protruding up out of the water.
The deck was then washed down and scrubbed, and about 20 dogs at a time were allowed on the foredeck in the afternoon sun if the crew were not doing maintenance work.
Slightly vulnerable in the event of grounding so they carry spare propeller blades on the foredeck. All very impressive.
Caption: Crewmembers cluster on the foredeck of the USS Miami.
An electronically stabilised stern camera that uses the information from the onboard sensors to keep the horizon level; a PoV camera fitted to the mast to provide a shot of the foredeck; a pan, tilt, zoom and level (PTZL) camera fitted between the two hatches known as the coaming camera; and two pan, tilt & zoom (PTZ) cameras are fitted to the underside of the spreaders."
The topside deck, fantail, foredeck and main salon below provide space for small gatherings or meetings: that is.
Note the 90mm canon on the foredeck. This vessel has just returned from a combat mission in the Indian Ocean to deter piracy.
More clambering about, weapons being passed around; then, with much banging on deck, two rocket launchers and a bag of rocket-propelled grenades are taken from the skiffs up to Lynn Rival's foredeck. The new boat is a larger open vessel, like an old fashioned ship's lifeboat.