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the outer or front court of a building or of a group of buildings

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Service station chain Texaco has signed a deal with Forecourt Television to broadcast adverts to drivers as they fill up their vehicles at the pumps.
The BP Dealer network makes up circa 970 forecourts of the entire BP UK network of over 1,200 sites, offering BP fuels with a branded BP forecourt.
Asda will cut fuel prices at all 320 forecourts from today, while Sainsbury's is reducing prices at its 314 forecourts from tomorrow.
"Despite operating under 18 per cent of all forecourts, they sell 45 per cent of all fuel.
There will be special arrangements for passengers needing extra assistance, both on the terminal forecourts you Write to: M.E.N, House, Oldham, Or email: @men-and at the free drop-off car park.
It has been acquired by Vijay Jaganathan - who already owns a post office and operates forecourts for MFG - for an undisclosed sum from Kathleen and Malcolm Seagrave, who are retiring.
All 8,500 UK forecourts are in with a chance of being nominated for the awards.
The figures were taken from trends in the current used car market and what motors seem to be speeding off the forecourts quicker than you can say sold.
In the 1950s there were more than 40,000 forecourts across Britain.
"Whilst the larger chains have the resources to cope with these regulations, our independent forecourts don't." The Petrol Retailers Association represents 5,300 independent filling stations across the UK.
Most garage forecourts are fitted with CCTV but some are not good enough to provide clear enough footage.
Acting Det Sgt Chris Milburn said: "Forecourt Watch is a great way of tackling the issue of the theft of fuel from forecourts.
PUBS to petrol station data company Brulines has signed a 'significant' five-year extension to its contract with supermarket chain Morrison's fuel forecourts.
The company's Brulines Fuel Solutions (BFS) subsidiary has signed a new five-year deal to provide facilities and compliance management solutions for Morrisons' more than 300 petrol forecourts and 12 distribution centre fuel depots.