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"Maxwell now contends that the assignment to MTGLQ and subsequent foreclosure (even if not literally outside the authority granted under the POA) amount to '[taking] the property essentially through self dealing,' thereby creating a factual question as to MTGLQ's right to foreclose. ...
7403, the United States is entitled to foreclose its liens upon Lewis Carter's property because he has refused or neglected to pay his outstanding tax liability.
An effective strategy for caring and responsible adults whose infants are predisposed to fearfulness and who wish to foreclose the possibility of such children (Kagan, Resnick & Snidman, 1988) learning chronic withdrawal, is to reward them for accepting challenge and permitting adjustment and desensitization to mild fear (Kagan, 1994).
Moreover, opposition to government bans on morally problematic uses of biotechnology should not foreclose a vigorous debate about moral issues--or a voluntary decision by scientists not to go down certain paths.
Courts have imposed lender liability under CERCLA when a lender secured by property forecloses on property or has "participated in the management" of its borrower by virtue of the rights reserved by the lender under its lending and security agreements with the borrower.
Costas Melas, who heads a group representing borrowers, said on Tuesday that banks could still foreclose properties based on existing orders, issued before the new, unpopular law came into effect.
In Massachusetts, lenders filed more than 28,000 petitions to foreclose on borrowers in 2009.
In some states, however, it is more difficult for parties to foreclose without the note.
According to CBS affiliate WINK-TV, Bank of America spent five months ignoring a Collier County Judge's orders to pay the legal expenses incurred by Golden Gate Estates homeowners Maureen and Warren Nygerges, when it wrongly tried to foreclose on them almost two years ago.
She argued that the bank and MERS could not foreclose because they don't hold the note.
The pair had scheduled to foreclose with a plan to convert the complex into a co-op that would allow tenants to buy their apartments and, for those who preferred to continue to rent, continue to do so affordably.
Sometime in 2015, the Supreme Court ruled that a secured creditor must obtain the approval of the insolvency court before he can foreclose a mortgage.
Bank of Cyprus, the island's largest lender, said that it will foreclose tenproperties worth over e1/42.3m, which will test for the first time the new legislative framework on foreclosures.
BancorpSouth was trying to foreclose on the properties in southwest Little Rock that secured Dreamland's loans.
These institutions--despite all the various government programs and private promises--are continuing to foreclose at a voracious rate.