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Will it not violate a secured creditor's statutory right to foreclose the mortgage in its favor?
There has been speculation that once Pershing and Winthrop foreclose on Tishman Speyer, the pair would thrust the complex into bankruptcy rather than take on its huge mortgage, a situation that could allow the junior creditors more bargaining power to try to extract value from the property.
Socialization, in the American culture, does not sufficiently discourage or foreclose the crime of rape.
The lender, which placed advertisements in the daily press including the Cyprus Mail, said that it will first foreclose six properties in Paphos, on June 23 before proceeding with another fourin Nicosia on the following day.
First Southern also wants to foreclose on the property that secured the loan, which is at 10809 Kanis Road in Little Rock.
Fannie Mae--the initiator of the most foreclosure proceedings in the state by far--last month said it wouldn't foreclose on homes for loan modifications.
The lender's rights under the Uniform Commercial Code to foreclose against co-operative apartments can be exercised without resort to the courts and not surprisingly is faster, easier, and less expensive than the traditional method of foreclosing against real property under Article 13 of the Real Property Actions and Proceedings Law.
It's axiomatic that credit unions and other mortgage lenders don't want to foreclose on houses.
As the recession continues and the commercial real estate marketplace sours, more credit unions will unfortunately have to foreclose on commercial real estate properties secured by defaulted member business loans.
Worcester is averaging 45 to 50 foreclosures per month, with more than 100 petitions to foreclose, according Mr.
BancorpSouth Bank, the successor to American State Bank, is seeking to foreclose on the grass farm because Gravis defaulted on loans totaling $885,639, according to its lawsuit filed in Pulaski County Circuit Court.
As a result, about 40 percent of the income stream, which should have been derived from these apartments, so many attempts without success, HUD decided to foreclose on the property and set a date for an auction, which would ultimately leave 420 shareholders and their families without any recourse.