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living quarters consisting of a superstructure in the bow of a merchant ship where the crew is housed

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Thus passed the long evenings on the forecastle in merry chat, and during the same time the doctor went on with his instructive discourses.
They shook their heads disapprovingly and muttered: "A man like that oughtn't to drink." Now Victor was the smartest sailor and best-tempered shipmate in the forecastle. He was an all-round splendid type of seaman; his mates recognised his worth, and respected him and liked him.
And, later, I remember the runaway apprentices--boys of eighteen and twenty, of middle class English families, who had jumped their ships and apprenticeships in various ports of the world and drifted into the forecastles of the sealing schooners.
The forecastle was a roomy place enough, set all about with berths, in which the men of the watch below were seated smoking, or lying down asleep.
All this time, you should know, the Covenant was meeting continual head-winds and tumbling up and down against head-seas, so that the scuttle was almost constantly shut, and the forecastle lighted only by a swinging lantern on a beam.
"I like fun, that's all." And he skipped out of the forecastle.
Four were prisoners in the Kincaid's forecastle. The rest were dead.
Sir Oliver Buttesthorn with his men-at-arms had swarmed down from the forecastle, while Sir Nigel, with his three squires, Black Simon, Aylward, Hordle John, and a score more, threw themselves from the poop and hurled themselves into the thickest of the fight.
He rallies his men upon the forecastle. He hath slain an archer.
Amid a thunder of cheering from cog and from galleys the forked pennon fluttered upon the forecastle, and the galley, sweeping round, came slowly back, as the slaves who rowed it learned the wishes of their new masters.
Then, in the first dog-watch, trouble came to a head in the forecastle. It took its rise out of the tittle-tattle and tale- bearing which had been the cause of Johnson's beating, and from the noise we heard, and from the sight of the bruised men next day, it was patent that half the forecastle had soundly drubbed the other half.
Named for the abbreviated form of forecastle -- used to describe the upper deck forward of the foremast nearest the bow of a ship -- this title reflects the nautical connections of the castle's former owners, the Kennedy clan, who used the castle's coastal position for sailing, shipbuilding and even smuggling when they occupied Culzean.
Hunger and thirst on the lower deck contrasted with the binges in the forecastle, where the ship's officers gathered.
The Blue Ridge B residents also visited the forecastle, or fo'c'sle, in which the ship's anchoring gear is housed, and passed through the ship's version of "main street," a corridor where a barbershop, bank, and post office operates.
6.In 1983, who became the first woman to train an fo'cs'le) (Forecastle 10.