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living quarters consisting of a superstructure in the bow of a merchant ship where the crew is housed

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And, later, I remember the runaway apprentices--boys of eighteen and twenty, of middle class English families, who had jumped their ships and apprenticeships in various ports of the world and drifted into the forecastles of the sealing schooners.
All this time, you should know, the Covenant was meeting continual head-winds and tumbling up and down against head-seas, so that the scuttle was almost constantly shut, and the forecastle lighted only by a swinging lantern on a beam.
Sir Oliver Buttesthorn with his men-at-arms had swarmed down from the forecastle, while Sir Nigel, with his three squires, Black Simon, Aylward, Hordle John, and a score more, threw themselves from the poop and hurled themselves into the thickest of the fight.
Amid a thunder of cheering from cog and from galleys the forked pennon fluttered upon the forecastle, and the galley, sweeping round, came slowly back, as the slaves who rowed it learned the wishes of their new masters.
It took its rise out of the tittle-tattle and tale- bearing which had been the cause of Johnson's beating, and from the noise we heard, and from the sight of the bruised men next day, it was patent that half the forecastle had soundly drubbed the other half.
Caption: OPPOSITE PAGE, BOTTOM: Cable party on the forecastle of the armed merchant cruiser HMCS Prince David preparing to weigh anchor, Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada, February 1941.
Proficiency Banner was awarded to Forecastle Squadron.
The Proficiency Banner was awarded to the Forecastle Squadron.
This attack was conducted without warning and claimed the lives of 1, 198 civilians, including 126 Americans; however, it was established later that Lusitania had been carrying some war materiel in its forecastle.
Other facilities on board the vessel include a gym, a library, a media studio and print shop, and the forecastle where sailors paint the 60,000-pound anchor of the ship with 57 links, each weighing 350-pounds.
Armed marine guards stood on the fo'c'sle [short for forecastle, the front part of the ship's upper deck].
A windlass would be placed, by necessity, aft of the pawl post so the entrance to the forecastle would be offset, traditionally, to the starboard side.
Unleaded petrol Pb 95, ON fuel oil, diesel oil and fuel oil enriched with light, through the refueling of vehicles that are in legal possession of the Employer, in the case of light fuel oil delivery to the premises Family Hunting FORECASTLE, Krzyszkw 1, 56-321 Bukowice, with the provision of non-cash settlement of transactions in the period of 12 months from the date of signing the contract.
It has three masts to their four, and no forecastle.