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to prepare (oneself) for action

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The study, presented at the Annual Meeting of the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons 2018, included 100 children between three to 15 years of age, diagnosed with low-energy forearm fractures.
Not only are forearm fractures common in children, but so is vitamin D deficiency and insufficiency,' said Pooya Hosseinzadeh, Assistant Professor at the Washington University School of Medicine in the US.
Barbados [West Indies], December 12 ( ANI ): West Indies batsman Sunil Ambris has been ruled out of the upcoming three-match ODI series against New Zealand due to a fractured forearm.
Knight and Purvis reported 71% unsatisfactory results in those forearm diaphysis fracture treated conservatively.
The goals of IMN of both-bone forearm fractures reflect the anatomy of the forearm.
Q The wood forearm on my Remington 870 pump shotgun is loose.
There are 155 chapters divided into 14 sections: anatomy and approaches; pediatric elbow and forearm fractures and dislocations; elbow fractures and dislocations; forearm and wrist fractures and dislocations; carpal fractures and avascular necrosis; hand fractures and dislocations; instability; tendon injuries and disorders; nerve injury and compression; arthritis; compartment syndrome, vascular disorders, and infection; contractures, thermal injuries, and tissue loss; tumors; congenital forearm, wrist, and hand disorders.
A 5-year-old patient was sent to our orthopaedic outpatient clinic from another emergency clinic with a diagnosis of a both-bone forearm fracture.
It is important that surgeons, chiropractors, and other medical professionals are aware of variations in the course of the forearm arteries that can affect both symptoms and diagnoses.
Hohaia had played his part in the incident by running over to Flower and thrusting his forearm into the face of the Wales forward after a collision between the two, an act which incensed Offiah.
A DRIVER who died after his car hit a telegraph pole lost so much blood from a fractured forearm that it caused him to go into cardiac arrest, an inquest heard.
In addition, hand length, palm width, length, forearm length, forearm circumference and wrist circumference were significantly different between the groups.
Conversely, the forearm is affected much less frequently, with only a few cases having been reported in sports such as weightlifting, kayaking and motocross.
The lesions started as small papules at the wrist on the right forearm and gradually spread upwards to involve right forearm and also involved left forearm.