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either of the anterior pair of wings on an insect that has four wings

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Differences in the shapes of the pterostigma and triangle were observed on the left and right fore-wings and hindwings among the three populations of male N.
Variations in the distance between the distal end of the radial planate supplement and the distal margin of the wings bounded by the end points of the intercalary vein and the radial branch in the fore-wings and length of the anal vein and shape in the region bounded between the anal supplement (Aspl), basal end of the anal vein (A3) and sec d branch of cubital vein (Cu2) in the hindwings were also observed.
In this approach, the g values were used to determine whether the best-supported model is the one from which the data was derived when fitted to the original set of 5 models each for the fore-and hind wing and to the complete set of 9 possible model combinations for the fore-wing and 6 for the hind wing respectively (Figs.
This is reflected in the results of the analyses wherein the other models also explain the modularity of the dragonfly wing, albeit to a lesser extent when compared to Model 3 for the fore-wing and Model 4 for the hind wing.
You can recognize the adult thrips by the three dark spots on each fore-wing.
Read articulate glyph of a cold-blooded cricket, of a fore-wing file