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either of the anterior pair of wings on an insect that has four wings

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Fore wing length 710.97, width 36.62 at middle, hind wing length 612.64, width 24.52 at middle.
For the presence of the flow interaction between the fore wing and the hind wing, the wake generated by the fore wing will be hampered by the hind wing, which will also change the effective angle of attack of the hind wing, so the aerodynamic characteristics of the tandem airfoil configuration are different from the single-wing case.
Description.--Female: body length 4.9 mm; antenna length 3.0 mm; fore wing length 3.5 mm.
Fore wing tawny with black boarder; hind wing tawny, black boarder with one series of white spots; corpus bursae stumpy; corpus bursae balloon like with plate like cornuti (Fig.
Sathropterus pumilus may easily be recognized in Mexican ichneumonid fauna by its small body size (length without ovipositor about 3.0 mm), fore wing with second recurrent vein completely absent (Fig.
Fore wing 0.75x as long as entire body, 2.45x as long as wide, reaching apex of metasoma approximately, and clear with fine and dense microtrichia; subcostal vein medium brown, 0.25x as long as wing; marginal cilia about 0.05x width of wing.
Fore wing length 22 mm (measured from radial vein erection to vein R3 terminus), in good condition, but wings slightly worn, set dorsally, abdomen is missing (dissected), and labelled as 1) "VENEZUELA [//] Edo.
1); mandible with 3 similarly sized teeth; pronope medium-sized to obsolescent; propleuron glabrous or setose; notauli incomplete; metanotum with a distinct acute median spine or triangular protuberance; vein 1-SR of fore wing 3 to 7 times as long as its minimum width (Fig.
Diagnosis: A middle-sized species with distinct hyperoccipital carina; female A4 fully 3.0x as long as wide, 1.3x as long as A3 and 1.2x as long as A5; A8-A9 each about 1.3x as long as wide; mesoscutum with three longitudinal rows of setae; fore wing 3.7x as long as wide, with marginal cilia nearly 0.3x width of wing; scutellum with a thin spine as long as propodeum; female metasoma 0.85x as long as rest of body.