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Synonyms for forceful

Synonyms for forceful

expressed or performed with emphasis

bold and definite in character

Synonyms for forceful

characterized by or full of force or strength (often but not necessarily physical)

forceful and definite in expression or action

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Crowley hits landmark Forceful Appeal's rider Jim Crowley equalled his score of 115 for last year with a double completed by Wavelet in the 1m2f maiden.
Dow will be quietly pleased Forceful Appeal remains on a mark of 81, the same rating off which he struck by nearly a length in February 2014, while the appointment of Luke Morris is a good piece of business.
The research, titled "Human-like hand use in Australopithecus africanus, shows that Australopithecus africanus," a 3-2 million-year-old species from South Africa traditionally considered not to have engaged in habitual tool manufacture, has a human-like trabecular bone pattern in the bones of the thumb and palm (the metacarpals) consistent with forceful opposition of the thumb and fingers typically adopted during tool use.
That leaves Forceful Appeal on a mark of 81 for this event and given he has scored in handicap company off 2lb higher, it could be that he is still reasonably well treated for this.
In the second-half, Pakistan inflicted a forceful rally but Jadeed Khan's mistimed shot went over the cross bar, and the next five minutes saw Rizwan Asif and Kaleemullah missing sureshot goals.
The Financial Times said that Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan had called on Egypt's President Hosni Mubarak to consider his legacy and listen to protesters' demands for change, in one of the most forceful interventions yet by any leader in the region.
He told prosecuting QC Ciaran Murphy the likely cause of bruise "could be shaking in conjunction with a forceful impact or a forceful impact alone".
Counsel Eissa bin Haidar of Bin Haidar for Advocacy and Legal Consultancy, told Khaleej Times that the forceful sexual molestation of a female carried a sentence of three to 15 years.
Security, spoke with Saleh over the importance of "taking forceful action
Summary: Jordan's king called on President Barack Obama Sunday to take a more forceful role in the peace process between Israelis and Palestinians, warning of a new Mideast war if there is no significant progress in the next 18 months.
The attack by McMahon was very forceful and it was unstoppable.
The text would have profited from another round of editing to modify overly forceful generalizations, tighten the discussion, and check for historical and medical accuracy.
Many expressed shock that Denton, known for being a strong leader and having a forceful personality, was suicidal.
Solomon has proven to be an extremely capable and diligent public administrator, as well as a forceful advocate for effective tax policy.
The endorsement by Bill Clinton in the book's Foreword makes the argument even more forceful.