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Synonyms for forceful

Synonyms for forceful

expressed or performed with emphasis

bold and definite in character

Synonyms for forceful

characterized by or full of force or strength (often but not necessarily physical)

forceful and definite in expression or action

References in classic literature ?
Englishmen turned in disgust from the slow, complex, civilised methods of their national politics to this uncompromising, forceful figure.
Summary: New Delhi [India], Sept 2 (ANI): Members of Sikh Community took out a march here on Monday to protest against abduction and forceful conversion of Sikh girls in Pakistan.
The Delta State government has been urged to begin the implementation of the law against illegal and forceful collection of levies locally known as 'deve' from public and private developers in the state by community hoodlums.
Forceful anti-India demonstrations erupted in the area as people took to the streets against the killing of the youth.
Mohammad Ali, Imran Khan and Jabbar were too good with their forceful smashes for Imran Club of Kharakai Charsadda while the setter Imran and the two blockers Shahbaz, Irfan were instrumental in guiding the team to victory in the first two set.
Summary: Sex with those under 14, even if consensual, is considered forceful under UAE law
They know something that we don't, but as far as we know, Huawei has been very open and they are not forceful either.'
However, the presentation of Justice (Retd) Fazal-ur-Rehman on the matter is problematic in a sense for the Senate did not know anything from the member of the Commission about the people who are involved in the forceful abductions of the citizens of the country.
Bayan Muna chair Neri Colmenares said the Department of Foreign Affairs should take more forceful steps in expressing its dismay over China's reported establishment of a maritime rescue center on Kagitingan Reef, one of the features in the disputed Spratly archipelago claimed by the Philippines.
In his article, the writer recommends 'forceful measures' to ensure women's inclusion in the apex judiciary, the parliament and in other key areas.
While issuing directives, he asked leaders and workers to remain vigilant on by-election day and record a forceful, protest if see any wrong doing on Election Day.
Justice Project Pakistan, a non-profit organisation working for the rights of prisoners, filed a petition requesting the court to direct the federal government to make immediate and forceful representations on behalf of Pakistani citizens on death row in Iran, both to secure reviews of their death sentence and to ensure their repatriation.
The order announced by the state-owned South Sudan on Monday evening ordered the government forces to move into the region and carry out forceful disarmament with immediate effect.
What is somewhat more of a concern and a possible indication as to the true feelings and intentions of Theresa May, is the lack of response of our Prime Minister who says nothing forceful about it but invites the EU representatives around for dinner.
Opec countries are ready to reach a "forceful" agreement on cutting oil output, Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro said, following a meeting with Opec Secretary-General Mohammed Barkindo in Caracas.