foramen of Monro

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the small opening (on both the right and left sides) that connects the third ventricle in the diencephalon with the lateral ventricle in the cerebral hemisphere

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Subependymal giant cell astrocytomas are histologically benign tumors located near the foramen of Monro.
Central neurocytomas are typically midline supratentorial tumors located in the lateral or third ventricles in the region of the foramen of Monro, arising from the septum pellucidum, fornix, or walls of the lateral ventricles.
Right transcortical transventricular microsurgical resection of cyst through the foramen of Monro.
A non-contrast computed tomography (CT) head exam demonstrated a hyperdense midline intraventricular lesion located along the septum pellucidum, extending into the frontal horns of both lateral ventricles and to the level of the foramen of Monro (Figure 1).
6) We present a rare case report of a subependymoma at the foramen of Monro presenting with intermittent hydrocephalus.
The cyst typically blocks the foramen of Monro, causing obstructive hydrocephalus involving only the lateral ventricles.
In most cases, the tumor arises in the body of the lateral ventricle, in the area of the foramen of Monro.