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Synonyms for measure

choose carefully


for good measure

get or take the measure of something or someone

have the measure of someone


measure something up


measure up


  • come up to standard
  • be fit
  • be adequate
  • be capable
  • be suitable
  • make the grade
  • be suited
  • be satisfactory
  • come up to scratch
  • cut the mustard
  • fulfil the expectations
  • fit or fill the bill

measure up to something or someone


Synonyms for measure

the amount of space occupied by something

relative intensity or amount, as of a quality or attribute

a means by which individuals are compared and judged

the act or process of ascertaining dimensions, quantity, or capacity

avoidance of extremes of opinion, feeling, or personal conduct

an action calculated to achieve an end

the formal product of a legislative or judicial body

the patterned, recurring alternation of contrasting elements, such as stressed and unstressed notes in music

to ascertain the dimensions, quantity, or capacity of


measure out: to set aside or distribute as a share

measure up: to be equal or alike

Synonyms for measure

musical notation for a repeating pattern of musical beats


Related Words

measuring instrument having a sequence of marks at regular intervals

a container of some standard capacity that is used to obtain fixed amounts of a substance

determine the measurements of something or somebody, take measurements of

express as a number or measure or quantity

have certain dimensions

evaluate or estimate the nature, quality, ability, extent, or significance of

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For Good Measure made a mockery of an opening handicap mark of 113 at Uttoxeter in early December and was arguably even more impressive under the mandatory penalty in similarly demanding conditions at Exeter little over a week later.
Magne's alpha-beta exhibition consists of 30 works, in drypoint and monotype, of each individual letter in the alphabet, plus the Norwegian letters , [degrees], ..., and an exclamation mark for good measure. Magne's been making art for 21 years and will be chatting about it, too.
You'll be directed to a "phishing" scam, a fake HMRC website that will probably infect your computer with a virus just for good measure.
Whatever, Trelawny also won the Brown Jack Stakes at Ascot, as well as the Chester Cup, Goodwood Cup and, for good measure, the Spa Hurdle at Cheltenham, so he fully deserves a mention.
In this latest volume of reminiscences he gives readers a potpourri of snapshots, stories based on his various assignments: Iraq and Saddam's trial and execution; Zimbabwe and Mugabe; the often unreported crime wave that is sweeping over South Africa; assorted film and television actors and actresses; and several 'thoroughly dubious people' including Mugabe, Alastair Campbell, an extortioner, Bushmen, Serbian contract killers, a 'child sorcerer in the Congo', and Chinese tombraiders for good measure. There are also some reflections on the Bush-Blair invasions of Iraq and Afghanistan.
Add for good measure the terrifying violence committed by a small minority of Muslims and magnified by intense media coverage, and it's easy to see why the obscure words of an obscurer monarch set the world on edge.
The Bible from Scratch is essentially a Cliff Notes version of the Bible with a small dose of cartoon humor added for good measure, enthusiastically recommended especially for anyone brand new to Biblical studies and in need of an easy-to-grasp overview.
Inspire Fitness Manager Mark Stubbs said: "This is a fantastic back to basics workout without any fancy equipment, just simple fun steps with a bit of 1980s music thrown in for good measure."
Then, for good measure, Newton moved to the other side of the SUV and shot Edney in the shoulder.
And for good measure: "When Diane Sawyer asked you about your Holocaust-denying father, you replied, 'Gotta leave A it alone.' Mel, isn't it time we go there?"
He fired the entire board of Falconbridge (with the exception of my old friend Jamie Wallace) within days of buying the company, and for good measure sent the CEO of Falconbridge packing the same day.
Fisherman's Wife Syndrome (FWS) is an amalgamation of the deadly sins of envy, avarice and pride, with a little anger and ingratitude thrown in for good measure. Covetousness (whether for riches, power or prestige) has been christened by contemporary society; now it's called ambition, discriminating taste, wanting "the good life," a.k.a.