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a man who is much concerned with his dress and appearance

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The Chancellor is featured relaxing on a three-seater sofa, foppishly attired in the style of her Welsh co-star and outlandish dresser Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen.
The Chancellor is seen on a sofa, foppishly attired in the style of her co-star, outlandish dresser Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen.
It's easy to caricature the aging rake, with his French cooks, his wooden leg, his thinning hair foppishly turned up in a hundred paper curlers.
The biggest kick comes from the school's egotistical new defense-against-the-dark-arts professor, Gilderoy Lockhart, played by a foppishly attired Kenneth Branagh who seems to have perfected a potion from William Shatner's self-promotion chromosome.
More recently, the world's most liberal and decent democracy has erected a second statue, in a ring of Danish theologians, all in clerical robes and Rembrandt collars, all except Soren, who stands foppishly in a boulevardier's knee breeches and swallowtail coat, cane in hand.
THE brothers are both millionaires, excel in their own fields and are foppishly handsome.
Just in time, the execution is halted by Leslie Edwards (Matthew Perry), a foppishly fussy fellow who wants to earn a place in the history books by beating Lewis and Clark to the Pacific Ocean.
Gay film star Rupert Everett once demanded the imposition of Tiara Law, so that the creators of Rupert The Bear would be punished for using his name to portray a foppishly dressed bear.
The foppishly attired Newman reveals the less-publicised catalysts for World War I, and discusses why he turned down the opportunity to appear on Question Time, as well as bestowing handy hints such as what to say if you're ever captured by the Chechen militia.
With a permed Beatles wig plopped on his noggin, groovy shades and an imperious cigarette foppishly dangling from his fingertips, Jeffrey insists Jimi pursue money, not art, and books him on a tour opening for the Monkees.