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a man who is much concerned with his dress and appearance

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(16) Susan Staves, however, claims that Cervantes provides no psychological explanation for Anselmos decision to test his wife's virtue but that Crowne cites Lovely's foppery as a motive, and that the use of blank verse intends to make him sound less contemptible and ridiculous (1982, 422).
Modern English nationalism started as a revolt against this kind of foppery in the name of John Bull, roast beef and Old England.
Iconographically, the juxtaposition of Westervelt's "well-ordered foppery" with Coverdale's chip hat and Jacksonian hickory walking-stick might have promised the humiliation of an over-civilized fop by a plain-spoken country Democrat.(23) But the humbling of Westervelt awaits Hollingsworth's intervention at the Lyceum Hall, thanks to Coverdale's ill-advised decision to challenge the visitor on the grounds of propriety.
That is not to say Chesterton never indulges in showmanship or repetitious "self-indulgent" foppery. A man who wrote as many words (and as quickly) as Chesterton is bound to have a certain amount of gristle with his meat; and this is especially obvious when he shows his prejudice against intellectuals, calling them in one place "a blight and a desolation both to their families and also to mankind," and adding in a mock show of fairness, "some good people are almost poets and some bad poets are almost professors." (42) The near-chiasmus parallelism with the unexpected addition of professors where readers expect "good people" may be clever, but it is unnecessary to his argument, vague in meaning, and ultimately convolutes an already over-generalized thought.
In many ways, Robinson's critique of fashionable life was nothing new: one need only recall the laughable bellicosity of Flash or the foppery of Fribble in David Garrick's Miss in Her Teens (1747) or of the numerous anti-gambling dramas that preceded Nobody.
(18) "And here I cannot but smile to think how I have paid off myself in showing the foppery of this kind of learning, who myself am so manifest an example; for do I not the same throughout almost this whole book?
Writer Atanas Vangelov in Sloboden pecat explains that the "beating about the bush", which is the distinguished political style of Gruevski, is "foppery" as traditional form of manipulation.
The quicote carries associations to oriental refinement, sensuous luxury, to a monarch famous for frivolity and foppery, but not for fatherhood.
Las buenas maneras son "affectation and foppery, disguise and insincerity ".
"Such extream [sic] nicety as I exacted of myself might be a kind of foppery in morals, which, if it were known, would make me [appear] ridiculous [and I am unwilling to appear ridiculous in the eyes of others]" (ibid., p.
Michele Cohen has connected late eighteenth century interest in British origins and the development of 'manliness' (i.e., the northern ideal lying in opposition to the perceived foppery of southern European culture) in ' "Manners" Make the Man', 317.
No matter how hot it was, imitation of the white man and his cold-country clothing compelled the blacks to wear full and expensive suits, hats, boots, ties, collars and the other useless foppery of civilization.
Mawr, whose raw power and potent maleness are contrasted to Rico's over-bred European foppery throughout the first part of the novella.
without exposing themselves to charges of foppery or effeminacy." The influence of gentrified country fashions, militiamen's hunting shirts, and military uniforms enabled colonial men to dress in a way that was "at once appropriately republican and legitimately powerful to various audiences--local, national, and international," writes Haulman.
Up in the stands there is plenty of finery, frippery and foppery but just yards away on the course proper it is a sweat-stained sphere of top-class horses engaged in titanic struggle for mastery.