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the lower wall of an inclined fault

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It is interpreted that the jog in the Lucknow Fault caused dilation, and the formation of east-west trending, vertical fractures in the footwall. These fractures contain the quartz plus calcite high grade gold bearing veins at the Project.
Holes AL19-021 and AL19-023 tested the immediate footwall of the Azulacas vein, one of the significant historically mined strands of the Promontorio system.
He and a few partners acquired FNX Mining Company, Inc., and bought five smaller mines in the footwall: Levack, Falconbridge, Podolsky, McCreedy West and Victoria.
6h), the overlying strata slip under the effect of fault and overburden pressure, causing the fault closure, the increase of the mining-induced fracture height of the hanging wall to 72 m, and that of footwall rises to 178 m.
This access is placed between the Copperstone Zone and the parallel Footwall Zone, giving exploration and development drilling access to both zones.
According to the company, the parallel Footwall Zone is located 500 feet to the Southwest on the footwall side of the Copperstone Zone, which was previously mined by open pit and underground methods.
The PDi E-Series TV is a customizable 50-inch footwall display that can be used for HD entertainment and as a communication tool between the facility and patient.
In the Tet fault footwall, the gneissic dome outcrops under the Paleozoic metasediments, with an average 50[degrees] North-dipping foliation near the fault.
The patient TV on the footwall is also used as artwork and offers the choice to select programming or access hospital education.
Additional footwall mineralisation is also present in a number of areas, with typically less than 10m separation from the hangingwall zone.
The pallet features a smooth closed deck, 1-inch safety perimeter, tapered lead-ins for four-way fork entry, increased footwall stock durability, gusset ribs and a scalloped foot for strength.
At the completion of the MS7 drill programme, three RC holes were drilled to test anomalous alaskite scree east of the marble footwall to the MS7 deposit.
After discussion of the geology of the Eastern Mediterranean, the guide presents a two-day field guide to outcrops in Samos Island, Greece, then a six-day guide that explores the Antolide Belt in western Turkey where the Menderes nappes form the tectonic footwall below the Cycladic Blueschist Unit, sections across the Bozdag and Aydin Mountains, and the southern margin of the Menderes Massif in the Milas-Selimiye area.
In the immediate footwall of the Main Central thrust, peak temperatures average 550 degrees C.