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the platform in the cab of a locomotive on which the engineer stands to operate the controls

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Peak accelerations and RMS values were higher at the footplate than at the axle and were higher at the higher velocity.
EXPERT SAYS: Safety instructions both in the box and on the footplate.
Both the Quadline and Multi-Terrain models have a convenient and adjustable "Step-In" footplate that accommodates a wide range of shoe styles and sizes.
Birthday girl Winifred Crooks prepares to ride the footplate of the MetroCentre train |and so fulfill a long-held ambition
After only a month on the footplate I had to keep an engine in steam impossible "I'm 68 now and this is likely my last chance to restore five full-size engines
But the drive-a-train footplate experience is already booked up until late spring and some summer dates have gone already.
Cornelissen was seen removing a large bag from behind the footplate of the cab, which contained 20 brick sized blocks, later identified as heroin.
When the train arrived at Paddington station, the train driver leaned out of his footplate to accept the many "thanks" from happy passengers, some of whom handed him cigarettes as a gratuity for the safe and speedy journey, which had delivered them to London in three minutesw short of three hours.
While standing on Middlesbrough station platform, A3 locomotive 67685 driven by 48-year-old Bill Moorhouse arrived, giving the Gazette a photoshoot opportunity as they climbed on the footplate with him.
RUNNING out of steam isn't a problem for the hardy crew at a Midland heritage railway - they get plenty of energy from a footplate fry-up.
A molegrip type implement was used to break a lock footplate from a lock surround.
Sir Nigel himself stood on the footplate at Newcastle.
Starting at midday, Sky Sports presenter Vicky Gomersall with be on the footplate of locomotive Sir Keith Park, while Coronation Street actor Tony Hirst, who plays fireman Paul Kershaw, will hit the road.
But while the passengers can enjoy an at-seat buffet service creature comforts on the footplate are zero.