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Synonyms for footle

act foolishly, as by talking nonsense

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Perhaps Haslam footles; perhaps we all do; perhaps this is no bad thing--for it seems rather delightful that the poem's "yellow willow warbler" footles.
With the phrase "Watching Her Feat," Semmes opens the symbolic floodgates, leaving us to footle around at will until the implications sort themselves out.
Play stump the copy editor with gems such as claque ("a group hired to applaud at a performance"), footle ("to talk or act foolishly"), declivitous ("moderately steep") and imago ("an idealized mental image of another person or the self").
bolero, dinero, donnee, elevon, eluent, fondue, footle, hereon, hoofer, inured, ironed, Lauren, loaner, loiter, looted, louted, neural, Oliver, rouble, rutile, unreal, venule
FOOTLE along in fourth gear at around 3000rpm, apply a bit of throttle to overtake lorry - nothing.