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measurement of the properties of light (especially luminous intensity)

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By changing that, we were able to get the foot-candles up to 25.
For example, properties with nighttime lighting systems that provided three to seven foot-candles received similar ratings of between 3 and 4, with one site receiving a rating of almost 5.
This enables 90 400-watt LED fixtures to bathe the arena's floor with 200 foot-candles per square foot, compared to the 130 foot-candles produced by the arena's existing 110 1,100-watt fixtures.
Most flowering and fruiting plants need 1,000 or more foot-candles, although some, such as African violet, rex begonia, flowering maple, zebra plant and crown-of-thorns, will provide colorful displays even at about 500 foot-candles.
Rechargeable batteries power XV1 for a full day's work, delivering up to 4,000 foot-candles of light.
2] and the white light output can be regulated to fall between 1,000 and 2,000 foot-candles (93 to 186 lux).
The lamp's visible light emission is less than two foot-candles, and it easily meets MIL and ASTM specs for FPI and MPI.
Lighting levels in supermarkets--which averaged about 100 foot-candles in the '90s--are now about 70 foot-candles, according to Steven Grimshaw, owner of Lighting Solutions, a Falmouth, Maine-based lighting consultancy.
The lights can be operated at 100 foot-candles for television, 60 foot-candles for night meets and 30 foot-candles for practice.
The resulting lyricism moves effortlessly from the firmly tongue-in-cheek ("The Color of Your Blues") to the dry love-gone-bad metaphors of "Radiate Nothing" ("the foot-candles you stood in/they are now so dim") to the painfully sincere and endearing (the sunny, French horn-led "Eyes That Ring").
Entrances should attain an average of 10 foot-candles of illumination, or twice the level of the immediate surroundings, whichever is greater.
The court found that lighting in each death row cell was less than twenty foot-candles, in violation of the constitutional rights of the class members.
Historically, light meters that measure only instantaneous light intensity in foot-candles were used.
It emits 13,00 foot-candles, producing a color-corrected, white light for truer representation of tissue color.