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measurement of the properties of light (especially luminous intensity)

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We asked Facility 1 to replace all the missing bulbs, which brought it close to 50 foot-candles.
However, because the ceiling absorbs some of this light, it requires more foot-candles to achieve adequate lighting.
Peter Boyce (Lighting Research Center) presented data that show people don't feel safer at lighting levels of more than 5 foot-candles, debunking the "more-is-better" myth that pervades nighttime lighting practices.
Those foot-candles are only part of the picture, however; the reflectivity of the objects being illuminated must also be considered.
In general, the study found that sites with lighting levels below three foot-candles were given low security ratings, usually between -4 and 1.
After examining numerous LED products I determined that Seesmart was the one I'd want installed in my buildings as there bulbs provide higher foot-candle readings at lower wattages compared to the competitors.
In a very short period, we expect to see this trend grow, as the future will be more about sustaining lighting ratios rather than meeting the high total foot-candle levels of the past.
To date, xenon light remains incomparable in its ability to provide brilliant and dependable 6000[degrees] K, 20,000 foot-candle illumination to the surgical field.
A foot-candle is equivalent to the illumination produced per square foot by one candle at a distance of one foot.
Before LED lighting fixtures were installed, the foot-candle reading averaged 40 fc.
Model XL 150-2 offers bright Quartz Halogen 200 watt illumination, 3600 [degrees] Kelvin color temperature, 4800 foot-candle output to a fiber optic headlight, world wide power (100/240v - 50/60Hz), and fits most cables.
One foot-candle is a unit of illuminant equal to one lumen per square foot.
Standard Electric supplies all of Timberland's in-store lighting, including the new LED lamps which are more than twice as efficient as the comparative foot-candle incandescent bulbs being replaced.