foot soldier

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an assistant subject to the authority or control of another

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He actually functions as a foot soldier of Indian culture," said Swamy.
THE Charlie Swan-trained Foot Soldier got the better of a great battle with Hurricane Jojo and The Ring Is King to capture the valuable EPS Pumps Handicap Hurdle at Ballinrobe last night.
While Foot Soldier is by no means among the upper echelon of twoyear-olds at that star-studded yard, he is nevertheless a solid yardstick.
However, it is the foot soldier who sees war at its most basic--the sand, the snipers, and the ominous objects by the side of the road.
Roberts has been a loyal foot soldier in the far right political revolution all of has adult life Has resume shows a predictable trajectory: He clerked for Chief Justice William H.
Stomping on Naval egos (not that defeat to the enemy would ever do that), foot soldier Herzer Herrick is selected to command a critical Dragon Fleet consisting of inexperienced dragons, untrained pilots, and unqualified combat support to go up against a superior in number, highly skilled war tested military machine.
He ultimately joined the army as a foot soldier to avoid paying his debts.
invasion remained the infantryman, the tried and true foot soldier.
French infan-terie, from Italian infanteria from infante, youth, foot soldier, from Latin infans, infant]"
His familiarity with the hyperarticulated physical trappings of extremist ideology is also clear: He knows, for instance, that the greenish khakis, black boots, L-O-V-E tattoo across four knuckles, and short black jacket with a Celtic cross on one sleeve clearly identify the subject of New Youth, 2001, as a foot soldier in the Troubles to those who would encounter him on his own turf.
If that happens, then it will be the poor US foot soldier who pays the ultimate price for misplaced Pentagon triumphalism.
Traffic writer Stephen Gaghan is expected to direct the film, which is based on secret agent Robert Baer's memoirs, entitled See No Evil: The True Story Of A Foot Soldier In The CIA's War On Terrorism.
At the top are the highly trained, followed by the highly skilled, followed by the lucky, followed by the foot soldier bringing up the rear.
But one embarrassed Tartan Army foot soldier said: "Our team's reputation is bad enough without having socks for idiots.
A tartan Army foot soldier has become the first crime casualty of the World Cup after he was mugged for his sporran.