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I knew it was going to be a foot race down the lane and he accelerated real nice and ran real hard," said Guidry.
Racers would then cycle in a 90 kilometre loop around Snowdon before a 20 kilometre foot race from Llanberis to Pen-y-Pass and return.
In 1998, with an attendance of 18,976 participants (including 930 breast cancer survivors), the Pittsburgh RACE became the largest foot race in Pennsylvania.
The annual race, held every July in Death Valley, is the most difficult foot race in the world.
A Northumbria bobby will swap Hadrian's Wall for the Sahara desert this Easter as he takes part in the toughest foot race on earth.
It is a foot race in stages through the Sahara Desert in temperatures of 120 degrees with sand dunes up to 150 metres high, covering around 150 miles over six days, maintaining self-sufficiency in food, clothing and equipment to sustain life.
The mini games are: Battle Panel, an Othello-style strategy game; Battle Beach, a foot race that requires fast button pushing; Battle Runner, a foot race that takes place inside an arena; and Infinity Battle, a fighting game that requires endurance.
The festival has eliminated events that weren't big draws, including a foot race, bicycle tour and hot-air balloon rides.
Sean Newman (above) from Newman Estate Agents of Coventry and Rugby, will be taking part in what is widely regarded as the toughest foot race on the planet - the Marathon Des Sables in Morocco for the charity ActionAid.
No man on this earth Randy Smith's age can beat him in a good old fashioned foot race, and if anyone thinks they can, I would love to see them try," says DeAndre Burgs, Global Sports Network Vice President of Sales & Marketing and Randy's Media Marketing Manager.
the official photographers of the San Francisco Bay to Breakers foot race, selected SanDisk Ultra(TM) CompactFlash(TM) (CF(TM)) digital film cards for the event because of their fast speeds, large capacities and reliability.
Turning 40 has inspired a dad to set out on the world's toughest foot race across a desert.
Noel Hanna, 30, shocked the athletics world when he romped to victory in the notorious 100-mile foot race across the Himalayas.
June 23-24 -- Western States 100 mile Endurance Race, foot race from Squaw Valley to Auburn.