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hydraulic brake operated by pressing on a foot pedal

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When finishing your drive always stop the car completely by using the foot brake, then applying the parking brake, selecting Park, turning off all the controls (headlights, radio, air conditioning etc) and then lastly releasing the footbrake carefully to ensure that you have fully applied the parking brake, especially when parking on a slope.
My John Deere 440C used clutch and brake steering, but the system was actuated by the steering levers and it had a foot clutch and one foot brake pedal.
Hard braking was also well up to standard -- the only thing I didn't get on with was the handbrake, which is not the usual lever, but an Electric Parking Brake (EPB) that uses a switch mounted in the centre console, and would not release unless I had my foot on the foot brake -- very inconvenient in traffic, especially on hills.
The X-Trail and CR-V opt to use the more standard foot brake system.
It's considered luxury as you have Ackermann steering, a foot brake and back support, but it's jumpy on the throttle and will leap forward a few feet before you have time to think.
It is crafted with a one hand easy-fold mechanism, quick-locking rear foot brake and ergonomic handle.
However, when a car has an anti-lock braking system - and all new cars have - apply the foot brake firmly and quickly and do not reduce pressure until the vehicle has slowed.
But press the foot brake and shift the car into Drive as you would with any other automatic, and the Focus Electric is ready to go.
Others favour the hand brake over the foot brake, and vice versa.
According to the automaker, a gap between the foot brake pedal and guard can result in small stones or debris becoming trapped, creating brake drag.
Instead, first turn off the ignition and apply the foot brake very hard.
Other attributes include an advanced blade guide system, rack-and-pinion handwheel, and safety foot brake.
Now, release the foot brake and begin accelerating while releasing the clutch slowly till you feel your car lunge forward.
While very effective, the stop/start function works only with the foot brake depressed leaving the driver behind to cope with the glare of brake lights while stationery.
Within the last decade, modifications have developed that moved the foot brake to the handlebars.