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"This partial foot provides a locomotor missing link in the hominid fossil record," asserts Phillip V.
Following glissade with jumps that push equally and simultaneously off both feet helps ensure that the dancer brings the second foot down with the weight distributed equally.
One of the most critical components of the drop is the establishment of a solid and comfortable plant foot and the resetting ("gather") of the foot into the best throwing position.
When placing the foot onto the floor from sur le cou-de-pied front, the working leg begins to straighten and the toes, still held back, slide down the supporting ankle, making contact with the floor next to the supporting heel.
It is important to drive the left foot through to the front of the ring and to ground it as quickly as possible in a slightly open position.
Foot binding caused deformities, and a woman's feet became useless.
The right foot may go to the right, to the left, or too far.
Surgery to the bottom of the foot, which can leave a painful scar, should absolutely be a last resort.
Students have no feeling of connection between their foot and the shoe when they use these.
A releve on one foot follows the same rules, with the supporting foot sliding or pulled under the body to reach full pointe.
Average asking rent, in reaction to declined $2.46 per square foot, or 8%, from March of last year to $26.99 per square foot.
The average asking rents continue to soften as the overall average rent finished the quarter at $40.39 per square foot, off from $41.12 psf at the end of the second quarter.
The average asking price has declined to $33.90 per square foot this quarter from $34.34 per square foot last quarter as compared to $35.54 per square foot twelve months earlier.
Much of that came from deals in the West submarket, where GE Commercial Finance's 221,000 square foot commitment at 201 Merritt 7 in Norwalk, Amaranth Group's 123,070 lease at Greenwich American Center in Greenwich and Graham Capital's purchase for occupancy of 40 Highland Avenue in Rowayton were just three of the seven transactions completed in that segment that made it into the county's top deals of the year for 2003.
* Global Crossing leased Gale & Wentworth's 203,000 square foot building at Giralda Farms in Madison.