fool around

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  • verb

Synonyms for fool around

indulge in horseplay

commit adultery

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Please don't fool around with it so that the responders from the Police (PNP), Fire (BFP) can immediately respond and take action.
DO NOT let him treat you like this - tell him straight out that you still like him as a friend, but you're not going to fool around any more and if he can't accept that then he's no friend.
Yn ogystal ag ennill y Crochan Aur eleni, Rhys Evans a Fool Around enillodd ras Clasur Cymru yn Rasus Tregaron yn Nhairgwaith y llynedd.
If you fool around in the service business, you get fool around pay.
Three of the girls secretly have boyfriends but if the Dubliner correctly guesses the singleton, the pair will share pounds 10,000 in the second series of Fool Around.
This is a Freestyle night which invites musicians,MCs and singers to fool around over the beats of Master of Ceremonies DJ Wayne Seeley,ex-resident for Nightmares On Wax.
However, modern day `customers' sadly go racing to drink beer and fool around with a few tote bets-on whatever is provided.
What if Ryan's hunky straight best friend would fool around with him to cheer his buddy up?