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Synonyms for fool



act or play the fool


fool around or about: mess about

fool around with something


Synonyms for fool

a person who is easily deceived or victimized

to cause to accept what is false, especially by trickery or misrepresentation

to waste time by engaging in aimless activity

to handle something idly, ignorantly, or destructively

to move one's fingers or hands in a nervous or aimless fashion

fool around: to waste time by engaging in aimless activity

fool around: to make jokes; behave playfully

fool around: to engage in kissing, caressing, and other amorous behavior

fool around: to be sexually unfaithful to another

fool away: to spend (money) excessively and usually foolishly

Synonyms for fool

a person who is gullible and easy to take advantage of

a professional clown employed to entertain a king or nobleman in the Middle Ages

make a fool or dupe of

indulge in horseplay

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You can fool all the people some of the time, and some of the people all the time, but you cannot fool all the people all the time.
In some countries including United Kingdom, New Zealand and South Africa, the joyful occasion of April fool is celebrated from morning to afternoon and after that the sequence of making fool is stopped.
Penn: Teller is a great magician and fools me all the time.
I am probably biased but I do think that newspapers are the natural home of April Fools jokes.
BRUCE Lee said: "A wise man can learn more from a foolish question than a fool can learn from a wise answer" and he knew more than his movies let on so before you give someone the chop ask your questions even if they sound silly to you.
Traditionally, it would have spooked Brides at the thought of a wedding on April Fools, but when asking Brides to Be why the change of heart, the simple answer was "We were told at school that pranks and bad luck only happened up until 12:00pm, so the rest of the day and night would be safe and smooth sailing
The first chapter challenges the critical assumption that the use of blackface to represent fools is religious in origin, signaling the connection between folly and the devil.
King Lear's fool ends badly, though not at the king's command.
Some Byzantine texts call it the "gift of simplicity" or the "treasure of impassivity" that makes the fool holy through actions that could be pathetic, burlesque, provocative, aggressive, or brazenly transgressing rules of appropriate behaviour.
Though I do believe we are not the fools the politicians would like to think we are.
Mark the APRIL FOOL box if you think we just made it up.
IN OUR RELATION to the past there are three wide-open ways in which one may be a fool.
In January, Financial Freedom announced a relationship with The Motley Fool that will offer access to reverse-mortgage products through its educational Web site, www.
The Motley Fool financial media company and publisher Phillips Investment Resources, a Phillips International Inc.
The same scheming royal families are featured in Queen's Own Fool and the two films: there are murders galore, sexual scandals, religious wars, bloody executions, gorgeous and powerful women, loyal courtiers.