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Synonyms for fondue

cubes of meat or seafood cooked in hot oil and then dipped in any of various sauces

hot cheese or chocolate melted to the consistency of a sauce into which bread or fruits are dipped

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To capitalize on the craft beer boom, The Melting Pot's Craft Your Own Fondue program allowed guests to choose a craft beer to be mixed into their fondues.
Highlights from the menu will include fondues such as the classic Alpine Swiss, Quattro Formaggio, and the spicy Fiesta cheese - all prepared tableside.
Special cheese fondues are served for special days like Valentine's Day at The Vintage.
The round fondue pots are the centre piece of the meal
The fondues will be served every night until February 20, except Mondays and Thursdays, costing BD12.
capacity, ability to use a variety of fondues, electronic adjustable heat controls, removable basin for easy cleaning.
Evidently the Melting Pot chain of fondue restaurants believes so.
Exciting modern fondues are also cooked in a variety of styles - as an Asian hotpot or simmered in flavoursome oils or made with alcohol or broth.
And as Robert Carmack,author of Simple & Delicious Fondue points out, fondues are and always have been ``a communal affair''.
For those who prefer sweet rather than savoury Mechu will be serving chocolate fondues as a dessert.
There are definitely more fondues out there," said a buyer from a specialty chain.
For broth and the traditional oil fondues, you need a metal container that can take high heat.
Offerings include cheese fondues, salads, unique entrees and romantic chocolate fondue desserts.
Choose from chocolate or cheese fondues paired with your favorite wines.
Imagine those cold days of winter in the Swiss Alps and imagine yourself entering a warm cozy restaurant where authentic Swiss cheese fondues are served," he said.