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Synonyms for fondness

Synonyms for fondness

the condition of being closely tied to another by affection or faith

Synonyms for fondness

a predisposition to like something

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a quality proceeding from feelings of affection or love

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Dabizas - who is technical director of Panathinaikos these days - looks back on those days with the same fondness of the Toon Army.
The prospect of seeing the 71-year-old star playing (we were asked to believe) a former guardsman who had seen action in Northern Ireland and had now been appointed to the presumably prestigious position of royal bodyguard after saving the Queen's life stretched this fondness to breaking point.
com, one of the websites in the Fondness Media network dedicated to making lives better by informing about food and drink," said Herve Ngalani, COO of Fondness Media.
I have long groaned over The Advocate's fondness for featuring heterosexual celebrities on its cover.
Rawls' versatile, soulful voice is fragile but still able to marvelously convey his clear fondness for the fun and warmth of the holiday season.
As more people learn about the benefits of playing music, the industry expects to see America's fondness for music making continue.
The text covers not only the geography, history, microbiology, and physiology of these infections but also their influence on plastic art, movies, literature, and music (with a special fondness for nursery rhymes).
If you like to cook, have a fondness for 'the good old days', and are partial to some of the best eating former generations of accomplished women cooks had to offer, then secure your very own copy of "Secrets Of The Great Old-Timey Cooks"
Fondness will carry her colours in the second division of the mile-and-a-quarter maiden, while Good Turn and Regent's Park line up in the seven-furlong maiden.
There is something archaeological about the work of Mayne's practice Morphosis: a fondness for classification and systemic marking, the characteristic revelation of underlying primal form or massing, the fusion as at Diamond Ranch High School (AR March 2001) of ground and building surface.
The works he's choreographed for them, like Sen, ins Nia and Grace, reveal a blood-thick fondness.
Likewise, the watercolors betray a certain earnestness and even a fondness for the birds--many of which are visitors to Middlebrook's upstate New York yard and thus the subjects of what are essentially portraits.
Among other provocative ideas, Hart and Sussman suggest that our love of large, open vistas harks back to a need to see predators approaching and that our fondness for socializing comes from early humans' need to join groups for protection.
I think frequently with fondness of the time when Hank DeBruin, Fred Deneke, Gary Moll, and I were the "charter" organizers of AMERICAN FORESTS' Urban Forestry Program and the first Urban Forestry Conference.