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Synonyms for fondler

a lover who gently fondles and caresses the loved one


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a molester who touches the intimate parts of the victim

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Reflexology: A form of foot massage that releases pent-up emotions, Diana had lots of it from top foot fondler Chryssie Fitzgerald.
Her fondler then departs in haste before boyfriend comes downstairs saying "Did he bring that pounds 200 he owes me?
In no particular order, he's seen off her chances with Phil the foot fondler by slamming his hand in the car boot, aided and abetted a marijuana grower, refused to go to school because of imaginary bullies, told the police his mum had beaten him up, gave a false statement claiming to be a witness to Charlie Stubbs' murder, blackmailed Tracy Barlow in the hope that she'd sleep with him, spent a small fortune on greeting cards which he pretended were from Richard Hillman, lied that he slept with Mel Morton, ruined his family's Christmas dinner by reading excerpts from Ivy Tilsley's diary, set fire to his exam paper, shot his mum's groceries and shaved a doll's head.
Some elements of the proposal include having the Olympic Village on Riker's Island, holding the shooting events at wherever they happen to erupt, and introducing Roy the Subway Fondler as official mascot.
PROFESSIONAL fruit 'groper' Harvey Sansome is losing his plum job as a mango fondler - because a new machine can do the job quicker.
Weekly updates from chief whip Gavin Williamson will leave her fearing a Cabinet reshuffle if all her molesters, gropers, fondlers, pests, sexsters and stalkers were outed.
So far, most farming fondlers have coped well with the challenge, said HCC project executive Dewi Hughes.
Most children's sexual experiences involve encounters with fondlers and exhibitionists,.
Don't tell me he's lost again" or "Abstinence Makes the Church Grow Fondlers.