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Synonyms for fondle



Synonyms for fondle

to touch or stroke affectionately

Synonyms for fondle

touch or stroke lightly in a loving or endearing manner

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But Fondled appears to have more scope than most and looks open to any amount of improvement.
A tribunal heard that Dr Odenefe John Isiavwe fondled the breasts of the 38-year-old patient while giving her a massage.
The charges followed an Oregon State Police investigation, initiated after one of Metcalf's employees reported that he had made "very sexual comments" and fondled her breasts and buttocks repeatedly, Tweedt said.
Graham Southall (59), who taught catering courses at Walsall and Cannock Technical Colleges, is also alleged to have fondled and pinched one of the girls.
Finished well to get up and beat Fondled, with pounds 37 matched at 95
SIMI VALLEY -- Police are looking for a man who fondled a female passenger on a city bus July 13.
GP Vakil Singh, 59, was struck off in disgrace after the General Medical Council found he fondled three women during examinations at his surgery.
The attorney hired to defend comedian Bill Cosby from allegations he fondled a female acquaintance questioned yesterday why the woman took a year to come forward.
A BRITON man who was acquit ted of charges he fondled a 13-year-old girl while dressed as Tigger at the Walt Disney World theme park, says he wants to return to work -- but no longer as a Disney character.
In seawater controls (n=240), crabs responded primarily by hiding, while they fondled more in response to the odor solutions.
The inmate alleged that a corrections officer went into her room and fondled her breasts and made lewd comments, and then threatened to "get her tomorrow.
A pool maintenance worker confessed to police that he sexually fondled two teenage girls June 24 while servicing an apartment complex pool in Detroit.
A WOMAN patient told a court yesterday how she branded a top doctor a "dirty old man" after he fondled her breasts during an examination.
Stephen Hunt was exposed by the Sunday Mercury last March when one victim told how he groped and fondled her as part of a bogus audition.
Jones also says that Clinton fondled her against her will, exposed himself, and asked for oral sex.