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Synonyms for fondle



Synonyms for fondle

to touch or stroke affectionately

Synonyms for fondle

touch or stroke lightly in a loving or endearing manner

References in classic literature ?
It seems that the hape attempted to fondle the cat, but the latter scratched him; being suspicious,' said Wrench, 'of his
Childers, so justly celebrated for his daring vaulting act as the Wild Huntsman of the North American Prairies; in which popular performance, a diminutive boy with an old face, who now accompanied him, assisted as his infant son: being carried upside down over his father's shoulder, by one foot, and held by the crown of his head, heels upwards, in the palm of his father's hand, according to the violent paternal manner in which wild huntsmen may be observed to fondle their offspring.
Little Dorrit, whose hand this Maggy, still calling her little mother, had begun to fondle, answered in words (they were under a gateway into which the majority of the potatoes had rolled).
One sits by one's self, it is true, but one thinks; one opens one's favorite book and reads one's favorite story; one speaks to one's aunt or one's brother, fondles one's cat, or looks at one's photograph album.
The Mother fondles one and nurtures it with the greatest affection and care, but hates and neglects the other.
The moment he lays his hand upon the latch, the pony neighs the loudest pony's greeting; before he has crossed the threshold, the pony is capering about his loose box (for he brooks not the indignity of a halter), mad to give him welcome; and when Kit goes up to caress and pat him, the pony rubs his nose against his coat, and fondles him more lovingly than ever pony fondled man.
However, his impression about Ghomeshi changed after he had reached for Hounslow's genitals to fondle them, which shocked Ghomeshi's former colleague.
Washington, March 3 ( ANI ): Jared Leto, who won the best supporting actor in the 86th Academy Awards, had the press room in splits after joking about letting the members of the media fondle his statuette.
When he examined my chest, he would undo my bra and fondle my breasts.
Nearby was Douglas Cordon's weirdly mesmerizing Blue, 1998, a video in which two hands fondle and stroke.
I know the difference between rape and when someone has "attempted to fondle me.
He began to fondle her legs and breasts, and forced his fingers into her vagina.
As a multitude of light bulbs flash and other lighting is directed toward her, she is seen dancing and smiling and allowing a man next to her to fondle her breasts, to the apparent delight of those around her.
It's awkward if you have to fondle the director's wife," the Daily Mail quoted Beckinsale as telling Women's Health magazine.
A Los Angeles County sheriff's deputy was indicted Wednesday on federal civil rights violations, alleging he used his authority to fondle a woman and to force three others to have sex with him.