fond regard

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a feeling of affection for a person or an institution

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The recovery of Chillingham Castle adds another attraction to, and is an intrinsic part of, a Northumberland for which Sir Humphry has a very fond regard.
Ferguson senior, just like Darren, has a fond regard for Wrexham.
Yet contrary to Mary Helen Washington's prediction that "a novel by a black writer which exalts class privilege and ignores racism is bound to find wide acceptance," Andrea Lee's novel, insofar as it does those things, has been clutched with fond regard to few bosoms.
The corporate culture of the Forest Service may indeed encourage a fond regard for timber management, but the "smoking gun" for the continued dominance of the timber program over the non-commodity resource programs on the National Forests has Congress' fingerprints all over it.
Mr Denton said: "I think the presentation of the certificate will have resonance with a lot of Huddersfield people, who like me have a fond regard for one of the best local companies from the hey-day of manufacturing and exporting.
News of his death was received with great sadness throughout the Irish showbiz scene where Tom was held in such fond regard.
The race was sponsored by the Hubbard family in memory of their late father Geoff Hubbard, for whom I trained many winners and hold in fond regard as a great sportsman and someone who helped me tremendously in my early days as a young trainer.
ALTHOUGH the 60s TV series I Spy was never quite as big a hit in this country as it was in the States, I have a fond regard for it.
It may be a biscuit-tin image of Britain, but it's a period held in fond regard, even by those not born then.
a reader with fond regards for the lawyers of Wood Smith, pointed out to us our very own Oldest Companies list from 2013, and there it was: The Barton Law Firm of Monticello, founded in 1858, making it the (to the best of our knowledge) second-oldest law firm in Arkansas.
Meantime I send you and your family fond regards and best wishes.