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Synonyms for fomentation

a substance used as a warm moist medicinal compress or poultice

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application of warm wet coverings to a part of the body to relieve pain and inflammation

deliberate and intentional triggering (of trouble or discord)

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Gell was a hired-out enslaved man who, according to Bennett's letter, allegedly used his shop as a site of recruitment and fomentation of revolt.
Q: The 9/11 attacks and the so-called War on Terror contributed to the fomentation of Islamophobia and anti-Arab, anti-Iranian racism, and the term "terrorist" began to be used interchangeably with the word "Muslim.
In the West, meanwhile, the development of the late-nineteenth-century pathologising identity of "the homosexual" was called into question by the countercultural fomentation of the 1960s, and this seismic shift caused crises in churches.
u1/4 Massage whole body with emphasis on affected joint followed by hot fomentation
The crucial role of police in diversion to alternatives to incarceration has been underutilized in the fomentation of reforms reimagining traditional criminal justice roles.
Heat fomentation can also reduce pain and stiffness.
Washington, Feb 19(ANI): US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has warned that Pakistan faces a major instability and extremism threat at home if it does not implement economic reforms and curb the fomentation of anti-American sentiments in the country.
Medical Uses: The plant is used as an anthelmintic, laxative and for treating dyspepsia, also used for skin disorders, the seeds are used as fomentation in painful swelling, against stomach pain, febrifuge and blood purifier.
Over the counter pain killers, hot fomentation on the wrist and local pain killer ointments may help for some time.
Sanjar Bakiev is suspected of attempted coup, organization mass disorders and fomentation of inter-ethnic hatred in the south of the country.