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Synonyms for follower

Synonyms for follower

one who supports and adheres to another

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On one hand, a follower count artificially inflated by bulk purchases leaves a false impression to anyone encountering the person's tweets and comments.
We went ahead and checked the Twitter handles of Arab leaders with the most followers.
A follower, on the other hand, follows because they want to.
When a user posts content to their Snapchat Story, their followers can view it for 24 hours before it disappears.
What distinguishes an effective from ineffective follower is enthusiastic, intelligent, and self-reliant participation--without star billing--in the pursuit of an organizational goal.
I expected that ethical leadership would be positively related to a follower taking charge as an extrarole behavior.
Recently, new functions are used to design the follower motion; for example, spline (Nguyen & Kim, 2007; Mermelstein & Acar, 2003), B-spline (Jiang & Iwai, 2009), and Bezier curves (Hidalgo et al.
Research about followers' self-concept often focuses on how leaders affect follower self-identity and influence follower outcomes (see, for example, Lord and Brown, 2004; Collinson, 2006).
What I needed was to angle the follower to help point the cartridge into the chamber.
Communication or process of interaction between leader and follower is of the particular importance, as it impacts weather/how successfully the overall goal will be achieved.
Each follower updates its controller if any of its neighbors or itself has an event, which is further determined by their local predefined event function.
In a span of two months, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi's Twitter account gets an addition of another million followers, taking the total follower count to 16.
Please keep in mind that the follower count numbers are constantly changing due to the nature of social media.
Summary: The veteran actor lost several followers overnight, dropping his ranking on the micro-blogging site