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Synonyms for follower

Synonyms for follower

one who supports and adheres to another

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TOP 10 Love Island contestants who will cash in REAL DEAL Molly-Mae Hague 1 Molly-Mae Hague - 2.1million followers, PS7211 2 Tommy Fury - 1.8million followers, PS6096 3 Amber Rose Gill - 1.4million followers, PS4633 4 Maura Higgins - 1.2million followers, PS3794 5 Curtis Pritchard - 1.1million followers, PS3548 6 Anna Vakili - 985,641 followers, PS3287 7 Michael Griffith - 961,185 followers, PS3205 8 Anton Danyluk - 854,976 followers, PS2851 9 Ovie Soko - 807,513 followers, PS2693 Jordan Hames - 420,228 10 in the 2019 Fashion Top 5 Instagram Rich List are..
However, the ASA ruled that accounts with more than 30,000 followers make them a celebrity and under UK laws, it is prohibited for medical professionals or celebrities to endorse any medicine.
According to Ian Samuel of Buzzoole, an influencer platform, 'the industry obsession with reach has driven the rise of fraud and fake followers.'
These were not followers that added anything to the social media landscape, but they did give some people a boost in followers.
To trust a leader means, among other things, that the follower will be willing to share a full range of information and issues with the leader, including sensitive information and issues.
The number of Modi's followers went down to 43.1 million from 43.4 million.
figure By KENFREY KIBERENGE class="MsoNormalPresident Uhuru Kenyatta and his deputy William Ruto are among the casualties of the ongoing war on dormant and fake followers by social media giant Twitter.
President Donald Trump, could see a significant drop in followers.
Or you could take the quick and easy path and join the dark side of Instagram marketing by buying followers.
On one hand, a follower count artificially inflated by bulk purchases leaves a false impression to anyone encountering the person's tweets and comments.
Honored to be @KingAbdullahII 's 1st follower on @Twitter .
In our driven business culture, no one wants to be seen as a follower. "Team player" perhaps implies some amount of followership, but being referred to as a "good follower" never supercharged a career.
I contend that if you want to be a great leader, you must first become a great follower.
Hypothesis 1: Ethical leadership will be positively related to a follower taking charge.
For example, a closed-form modified trapezoidal function with adjustable positive and negative acceleration is proposed in order to design cam motion function (Flockers, 2012); the cam profile designed is adequate for applications in which there are various dwells or for high speed cams in which the follower acceleration has to be controlled.