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Synonyms for cell

Synonyms for cell

any small compartment

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a device that delivers an electric current as the result of a chemical reaction

a small unit serving as part of or as the nucleus of a larger political movement

a hand-held mobile radiotelephone for use in an area divided into small sections, each with its own short-range transmitter/receiver

small room in which a monk or nun lives


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Our immunochemical results showed that the follicle cells were stained with strongly positive PR for each ovarian stage in female E.
2010) indicate destruction of follicular epithelium involving degeneration, hyperplasia and necrosis in follicle cells, with regression in accumulation of yolk granules and with vacuolization of cytoplasm in male Rhyncophorus ferrugineus after treatment with chitin synthesis inhibitors flufenoxuron and botanical extract of neem.
Follicle cells are characteristically lacking during nemertean oogenesis, and in species such as Cerebratulus lacteus, Micrura alaskensis, and Par-borlasia corrugatus, numerous ovaries develop along the body, with each gonad producing dozens to hundreds of microlecithal oocytes that average 70-130 p.
2 um) and the number of follicle cells which exhibited a strong nuclear basophily.
Little information is available on the ultra-structures of germ cell differentiation and follicle cells during oogenesis and size at first sexual maturity of Meretrix lusoria.
In addition, homologous sperm added to isolated follicle cells of Phallusia mammillata [8] and Ascidia ceratodes cause glycosidase release (K.
In thick sections, a relatively high number of sperm were found associated with egg jelly coat bursts from the follicle cell layer.
Similar incubations with membrane-permeant forms of cAMP also cause maturation, which suggest that the follicle cells of G.
1988) Spatial relationship of follicle cells in the control of the meiosis.
RCH-01 is an autologous cell-based hair regenerative technology whereby specific hair follicle cells are isolated from a scalp biopsy, expanded in culture at a cell processing facility and injected back into patients.
In some females, very thin follicle cells occasionally still surrounded the oocytes.
Preliminary studies show that injecting the scalp with the growth factors present in PRP signals follicle cells to "heal and grow," according to a Yonsei University college of Medicine in Seoul researcher.
However, the nemertean worms lack follicle cells and therefore the resulting signaling that takes place between follicles and oocytes in mammals.
As a result of examining more than 200 kinds of plant extracts to stimulate the proliferation of hair follicle cells, Zizyphus jujuba fruit extract was found to be highly effective.
For more than a decade, scientists have believed that ovarian follicle cells are derived from the epithelial cells on the surface of the ovary as it develops," said research leader Professor Ray Rodgers, from the University of Adelaide's Robinson Institute.