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a tale circulated by word of mouth among the common folk

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After a close review of Calvino's tales, I submit that they at the very least exhibit the five prerequisite characteristics of a European folktale as defined by Max Luthi: one-dimensionality, depthlessness, abstract style, isolation and universal interconnection, and sublimation and all-inclusiveness.
Folktales and Fairy Tales: Traditions and Texts From Around the World; 4 volume set
Anjana won the Best International Children's Book Award for The Talking Handkerchief, an anthology of folktales from five states across India, at the Sharjah International Book Fair last year.
The results provide information about how respondents' contexts and their expectations for literature may relate to their abilities to accurately determine the meanings of trickster tales from other cultures and the relevance of considering the historic and cultural context of folktale interpretations.
Synopsis: "Danish Folktales, Legends, and Other Stories" is a collection of translated and annotated Nordic folklore by Timothy Tangherlini (Professor of Folklore and Chair of the Scandinavian Section, University of California) that presents full repertoires of five storytellers along with extensive archival material.
Folktale is the most popular verbal folklore in Papua.
A folktale or a proverb is thus clearly a part of culture.
It's not uncommon for a one-page story to be followed by eight pages of footnotes and commentary, and each tale is cross-referenced against the standard register of folklore motifs, The Types of the Folktale.
THE QUEEN OF PARADISE'S GARDEN, adapted by Andy Jones and illustrated by Darka Erdelji, is a delightful retelling of a folktale collected in Newfoundland.
The story of Nerrivik comes from an Inuit folktale.
After the lessons, students can write their own contemporary version of a folktale and present it as a stopmotion or Claymation film.
He remarks, for example, that '[t]he custom of not interruptingthe folktale goes back, of course, to those distant times when folktales were meant not only for people, but for spirits' (p.
But, even if they have been altered since the time Makuchi was a child, the nature of the folktale is fluid, subject to change (as opposed to texts preserved in writing or print), and so these printed tales are as near to authentic representations of Cameroonian folktales as we will read.
Retold for the enjoyment of children by Alex Great, and featuring lively illustrations by Yulie Great, Vampire's Bride: A Bulgarian Folktale is the entertaining story of a young princess who receives an offer of marriage from a young man who is half black, half white, and from a far away land.
Nevertheless, the underlying conceit is clever, and should attract readers who want more current folktale material.