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characteristic of country life

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very informal and familiar

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I also bought a banjo to help me include something when I want the song to have a more folksy or country sound."
FOR THEIR fourth studio album, the Midival Punditz have chosen to take the folksy route and reinforce their signature style of electronica meets traditional Indian music.
No matter how folksy Cameron tried to be at his manifesto launch, describing Britain as that "bright light in the North Sea", he couldn't lift the optimism levels off the deck.
She told of how joining sites like Folksy and becoming part of the Newcastle-based Jesmond Dene Markets had allowed her to sell the cushions as well as meet other creative people who she could share ideas with.
Folksy's Team of professional actors and directors provide an innovative, accessible and exciting touring theatre for all ages Online ticket prices: adult: PS12, child/ concession: PS8, family: PS35.
Performed by Folksy Theatre within the community garden in Edgbaston, this adaption of the play is set in 1950s Britain and there will be plenty of nostalgia and live music.
From its penchant for classic, folksy strings and its clear, emotive vocals, this is a band that's imminently listenable and very much in line with a lot of the contemporary Americana mania.
To start with, Snyder details Clark Kent's back story on the dying planet of Krypton, which other productions have blithely breezed through, since they were more intent on dramatizing the folksy, small-town legend about Superman growing up as a "faceless" bullied boy-until he came into his super-patrimony as a young man.
Tim Allen's folksy narration grates but the beautiful photography and simple storytelling will delight, sadden and excite young children.
"Hevre," Obama said, invoking the Hebrew version of the folksy American analogue, "I've decided I want to watch this tree grow here in Israel.
* ORNAMENT This walnut beauty has a wholesome, folksy appeal.
From her opening lovely Oranges Fall Like Rain to her more pensive Night Light: Dazzling and the Joni Mitchell-like Madness of Love, CHOCOLATE PAPER SUITES blends poetry with a unique folksy indie sound inspired by her big-top life.
Pat Monahan's distinctive vocals sail easily from the anthemic title track to I Got You's laid-back folksy influence.
Sadly, this folksy fondness has failed to deliver an exciting social message.