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a song that is traditionally sung by the common people of a region and forms part of their culture

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Indeed, the popular folksong, 'Ohoy Alibangbang,' left many Ilonggos teary-eyed so that it elicited a standing ovation led by Sen.
He went on to give a very individual interpretation of two of the most popular Azerbaijani folksongs Sari Gelin and Durna and included his reflective self-penned compositions Waiting and Muse in his set, many of which featured the sound of the Melodica, a wind-operated keyboard that makes an accordion-like sound, which he balanced on top of the grand piano.
Yet from his earliest significant compositions in the mid-1930s, Tippett often adopted a musical style that could be called pastoral, particularly in works such as the Concerto for Double String Orchestra, whose slow movement is based on the Scottish folksong "'Ca'the Yowes"; in his great visionary opera The Midsummer Marriage, set in a magic wood which comes alive with animal dancers in its central Act; above all in the Fantasia concertante on a theme of Corelli (1953), which ends with an Andante--Adagio alla pastorale tranquilla whose ecstatic solo violin lines recall Vaughan Williams's The Lark Ascending.
In the introduction to the 1893 collection Songs of the Four Nations: a Collection of Old Songs of the People of England, Scotland, Ireland, and Wales (available for free as a digitized volume), composer Arthur Somervell (1863-1937) writes that folksongs need to be dealt with simply, stating that it is "manifestly absurd to try to lash into, or wring out of them, the kind of passion and sentiment appropriate to a great song which is the finished product of such supreme latter-day artists as Schumann or Brahms." (1) As a result of this attitude toward folksong arrangement, Somervell's settings are musically sufficient, but not as imaginative as his best song output.
Provided with each song are: its various titles; a cross-reference to Peacock's original field recording (i.e., PEA number) or manuscript; the singer's name, location, and date of recording; musical notation and lyrics (sometimes two or more versions are provided); a cross-reference to the song's Roud number (referencing the Roud Folksong and Broadside Indexes); and often extensive notes about the song's history and its other sources and versions (archival, published, and recorded) elsewhere in North America, the UK, and Ireland.
African American Folksong and American Cultural Politics: The Lawrence Gellert Story.
Few women who know about folksong, refused to sing or narrate for us.
A simply stunning picture book inspired by the lyrics of the traditional Scottish folksong is especially recommended for children ages 5 to 8 and is unreservedly recommended for family, elementary school and community library picture book collections for young readers.
messenger scenes and control of repetition in the Iliad, poeta loquens: poetic voices in Pindar's Paean 6 and Horace's Odes 4.6, Daphnis' folksong: the euphonist's effect on the creation of a textual performance, character in narrative depictions of composing oral epics and reading historiographies, and the fragrance of the rose: an image of the voice in Achilles Tatius.
On 1 February 1918, Beida geyao zhengjichu (the Folksong Collecting Bureau of Beijing University, [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII]) (22) began its quest to amass a great collection of folksongs from the public.
As expected, the brass blazed in spirited fashion, while the folksong elements of the Andantino brought out the best of the woodwind players.
Maud Karpeles (1885-1976): A Retrospective of Her Newfoundland Fieldwork 1929, 1930 documents Maud Karpeles' Newfoundland folksong collection trips in 1929 and 1930.
Elsewhere James Yull transforms Paddle People from a 60s-indebted folksong to sticky dance floor Europop.