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a folk writer who composes in verse

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For Ashbery is also a folk poet because he is the supreme singer (not a teacher; and if he is a narrator/storyteller, he tells stories with an implied familiarity so rooted that they can be ellipticized into a song); we feel those cadences bone-deep, as familiar and as sublime.
In 1870 Whittier, still the folk poet, collected some of his earlier poems under the title Ballads of New England, and also wrote "My Triumph," which provides a fitting end point for this account of the decade.
Describing what he expected of a true folk poet, Dobroliubov wrote:
ErtaE- is known as a folk poet and a master of bay-lama, a traditional Turkish folk music instrument.
The 75-year-old Canadian folk poet did receive a Grammy two years ago as one of the featured artists on Herbie Hancock s surprise album of the year winner.
JASON And The Arguments, Cosmo The Fairly Accurate Knife Thrower and Captain Indecisive are just three of the characters produced from the fertile imagination of folk poet Les Barker.
The folk poet is "one-among-the-people," therefore socially at ease.
The folk poet has turned rock chick, complete with leather trousers.
Icelandic folk poet of brilliant satiric power who depicted his hard life in noteworthy poems.
Kenilworth's Steamchicken band play the music for tonight's ceilidh and Leamington singer and comedian Keith Donnelly teams up with folk poet Les Barker for tomorrow's hilarious show as Idiot and Friend.
Lydia is a peasant woman who has a way with words; despite the hardships she suffers, she sees the good and the beauty, of the world, and she talks about it all with the eloquence of a folk poet.
Savva was married to the folk poet Nicolas Theodorou.
MADCAP folk poet Les Barker brings down the curtain on 25 years of great folk entertainment in the village of Brinklow tomorrow.
An enormous mushroom weighing about 750 grammes has been discovered by farmer and folk poet Andreas Krotalias in the Paphos district, it was reported on Monday.
Folk poet Les Barker will be presenting his hilarious poems and monologues while Warwick singer-songwriter Anna Ryder provides support.