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Synonyms for folio

the system of numbering pages

a sheet of any written or printed material (especially in a manuscript or book)

a book (or manuscript) consisting of large sheets of paper folded in the middle to make two leaves or four pages

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Because, while the whales of this order, though smaller than those of the former order, nevertheless retain a proportionate likeness to them in figure, yet the bookbinder's Quarto volume in its diminished form does not preserve the shape of the Folio volume, but the Octavo volume does.
Doctor Cacaphodel, the alchemist, returned to his laboratory with a prodigious fragment of granite, which he ground to powder, dissolved in acids, melted in the crucible, and burned with the blow-pipe, and published the result of his experiments in one of the heaviest folios of the day.
The huge folio sign that swung without, exposed to the fury of the tempest, creaked ominously, and gave out a moaning sound from its stanchions of solid oak.
He leaned forward towards his counsel, Maitre Henri Robert, who, assisted by his chief secretary, Maitre Andre Hesse, was busily turning over the folios of his brief.
The agreement secures ByWater's commitment to provide FOLIO implementation and support services backed by EBSCO hosting technology and data services.
The benefits that alternative investing platforms gain from working with VIA Folio include:
The company offers two distinct products lines, one in nylon and one in leather that consists of a broad range of cases, messenger bags, sleeves, folios and backpacks for Apple MacBook, MacBook Pro, iPad Pro and iPad models.
And, on May 22, Folio converted the Loyal3 accounts to FolioFirst, a new website just for Loyal3 customers.
Folio converted the Loyal3accounts to FolioFirst, the new home for Loyal3customers, on 22 May 2017.
FOLIO got started in 2015 and garnered almost immediate interest from libraries and service providers, says Spalding.
Unlike previous scholarly investigations of the First Folio, it is not concerned with the discussions of how the book came into being, the provenance of its texts, or the technicalities of its production.
Published in 1623, the First Folio brought together the majority of Shakespeare's plays and without it there would be no copies of more than half of them, including Macbeth or The Tempest.
Alice Martin, said: "In terms of literary discoveries, they do not come much bigger than a new First Folio, and we are really excited that this has happened on Bute.
The 1,000-page folio is on loan from the British Library, which picked Newcastle for the solo appearance after the city branch proved it met all the necessary security criteria.
Six copies of the First Folio will be out at any given time, and they'll be accompanied by interactive activities to teach visitors facts about Shakespeare's life, according to the news release.