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a chair that can be folded flat for storage

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The co-founder and chief marketing officer of Chairish cant help but recommend going vintage, but she also likes the Lucent folding chair from Wisteria ($229, wisteria.
The organisers of last weekend''s Isle Of Wight festival, for example, banned revellers from bringing in folding chairs.
Another option is to threaten to use the padded chair in the room; the hotel staff will usually find a folding chair or borrow a shower bench from a neighboring motel.
One man in a blue blazer sitting in a folding chair by the aisle yelled "whoa
Watching a folding chair for children, an idea grew in his mind.
European importers claim that the design of the product they import are their own design such as folding chair of garden furniture, the designs of which have been registered in Belgium and lUxemburg.
Prices range from $260 for a folding chair to around $10,000 for a sofa, depending on size and fabric.
THIS is the moment a hero shopkeeper fought off a vicious armed robber - by battering him with a folding chair.
A young woman takes a seat on a folding chair near the mirror.
The Merlexi Craft[TM] folding chair "falls in the ultra-lightweight category but doesn't carry an ultralight-weight price," according to Turbo president, Dr.
Sleek, spare and Scandinavian: Elica folding chair by Gudmundur Ludvik for La Palma.
So, how about a bamboo deckchair or folding chair (pounds 39.
The Invisible Man sits under this canopy of light, on the edge of a folding chair, listening, we imagine, to Louis Armstrong on the phonograph singing "What Did I Do to Be So Black and Blue.
A gorgeous and seasoned actor and screenwriter for films like Go Fish and American Psycho, Guinevere Turner has recently accrued yet another folding chair, with her debut directorial bow, Spare Me.