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courtesan," is so full of puzzling folderol that some editors
Lewis Carroll could have made a logical dream-joke of this, and ridiculed it, as an arithmetical bathos, but in Wordsworth's poem it is an accurate historical nightmarish foldedness (always shadowed by folderol or doggerel) of prosody into history and history into prosody.
Well of course Wms naturally cldnt be bothered with such folderol, for he was a local boy.
I think about those days now from time to time, and our many decades together and apart (she all folderol and fog and furs--because of her poor background, she kept items like old business-cards till they were mummified in Scotch Tape); with her French ways and Shalimar, she could bend the straightest arrow; for I know, in short, she was more myself than me.
Because of academic folderol, such works often do not translate into easy reading, but this is an exception.
It's a bunch of folderol in other words, and therefore not easy to pull off, since the story lacks the forward momentum and deep characterizations of the Bard's best work.
Ives resonated with the force of Greek tragedy, Safdie's comic folderol about the egos and aesthetic snobbery of modern architects felt as brisk as a hard slap in the face.
It's noteworthy that despite five decades of folderol about "pluralism" and "multiculturalism," nearly all of them still do.
11 Grgich Hills Estate No wine-gadget folderol in the redwood tasting room--just wine and a young crowd talking about it.
Thanks to this (missing) universal gaze, the participant becomes open to a range of out-of-body experiences, the least of which concerns genitalia and the media folderol of sex-at-a-distance.
tell me true, do you understand his folderol about books and poetry and music and oil paintings and such foolishness?
All the folderol in the newspapers was just a surreal situation.
More distressing, other artists (like Eliot and Pound) who were in a position to appreciate (or at least understand) what he was attempting in his later poetry dismissed his esotericism as Oriental folderol.
Third, there is nowhere else a tax executive can go to participate, with a minimum of folderol and bureaucracy in top-flight advocacy efforts.