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For all you non-mainstreamers , then, who may be feeling isolated and alienated during all this WMC folderol, here are some sustaining thoughts:
One of the greatest insights of the Reformation was that God's ability to bestow grace in the sacraments does not depend upon human folderol and doodads.
There will, of course, be an enormous folderol, a blitz of statistics to "prove" that British entry into the euro would be inadvisable.
He used to score points with his disdain for such Hollywood folderol.
The elimination of all the triumphal folderol associated with prelates.
The fugitive's fault-finding brother frowned On fickle forgiveness of former folderol.
And second, sure, the Ritz-Canton dining room is the hot new power dining spot in town, but if you want to skip all the folderol, try this.
A backlash is starting to develop as our readers get tired of all the folderol popping up.
Who with any awareness of 18th-century history can repress a shudder at American "conservatives" heaping praises on Mel Gibson's "The Patriot", the most charitable verdict upon which folderol must be that it constitutes -- as Damon Runyon said of "Alice in Wonderland" -- "a pack of lies, though very interesting in spots"?
While Figgis's multiple-flame technique makes for some clever juxtapositions, we're left with a dubious circle of characters and melodramatic folderol that would beg our patience were it told in a conventional format.
All the folderol about young people with money who don't know where to spend it is certainly not the case.
That's what was most striking about the heavy-handed, laughable proclamations of inclusiveness and diversity at the Republican Convention: They were obviously aping the Democrats' practice of covering an anti-popular agenda with a layer of multiculturalist folderol.
One places one's faith in common sense and the ability of most people to see through the folderol that typifies the "major" art of our time.
In the elite conversation, there can be all of the sanctimoniousness about the extreme separation of church and state (newspaper and community) and an exaggerated kind of independence of action and folderol about voting that prejudices my objectivity.
They reach more drinkers with less folderol, and they avoid the conflicts associated with reformers-cum-therapists accusing heavy drinkers of being alcoholics in denial.