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An uninformed, ill-informed public can be duped into believing the folderol being spewed by the current front- runners for President, Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton.
Now we can choose to avoid the folderol. After I die I expect my body to be laid out respectfully at our convent in a private room for visitation.
Beading such folderol made us want to place an emergency call to the cherry-picking police.
Still another in Memphis said: "We publish voter guides that encourage members to vote for candidates who support issues consistent with our faith." (AU's letter had warned specifically against biased voter guides.) The pastor went on to claim, "The Founders stated that only Christians should be elected to leadership in government." (He also spent $6.15 in postage to include a bunch of materials regurgitating long-discredited "Christian nation" folderol.)
Four times or more during the interview, say to the interviewer: "I can do that!'' Make them want you so badly they're willing to move beyond all the folderol about $30,000 a year for a hire that's already demonstrated a market worth of $40,000.
Why all the folderol? Why isn't this just a NICS check?
This formulaic folderol could have been replaced by alchemy or Chinese astrology, which I suspect might give more accurate character readings than its Hellenic cousin.
Yet so many of us are thoughtless enough to go this route in the misguided assumption that we are being "nice." It is bad enough that the guy sitting in front of your desk knows he has been rejected for someone who is already ear-marked for the post and all the advertising of the post is so much folderol but it is sheer insult to injury when you shuffle his resume then push it back at him with an admiring whistle and say, what are you doing trying for a dump like ours, a guy like you should be reaching for the stars.
As all this folderol and stramash whips up on street level, the heart of Whighams beats steadily below the pavements in their Georgian cellar.
"Brown pause[s] his well-paced narrative for some Fodor's folderol on art or architectural history.
Without a lot of technical folderol, is there a way you can find out if the chamber throats of your own .45 Colt revolver are likely to mate well with a particular bullet load?
THE key question in our current horseflesh folderol is generally perceived to be one of trust.
Sometimes I think (perhaps wrongly)that poets who come up through the MFA route have a falsely idealizedintellectuality, because they think that intellectuality is the magicserum that they're going to inject into poetry to lift it abovethe folderol of an earlier generation.
The European-specific centre stack controls for climate and the Sony audio system are devoid of North America's SyncMyFordTouch folderol. The Euro-stack still is lousy with buttons, but it seems a simpler, more straightforward alternative to the Microsoft voice-operated excess.