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capable of being folded up and stored

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What: FlyLite MultiBag Foldaway Wheeled Cabin Holdall, PS65, www.
With a nod to the magical foldaway style of the Swiss Army knife, the walls of each room are collapsible and the seats fold down to create extra room.
Enter this useful foldaway rack (from High Country Gardens, $20; highcountrygardens.
com 3 Called Aurea, this foldaway drainer from Spanish company Delica is available in nine finishes.
On the 18 and 21 m (60 and 70 ft) models, a patent-pending foldaway wing frame allows for maximum versatility in transport position while maintaining a compact transport envelope.
The screw-top lid is made with a foldaway, pour-through spout.
Later in the conference, the Community Rail Officers of Wales launched a foldaway, A2 poster promoting 'Scenic Wales by Train and Traws Cambria'.
Simply pull out the foldaway, stainless steel, penetration probe to take rapid temperature measurements in under four seconds.
8ft) drop and includes a foldaway USB cable, ergonomic sides for easy carrying and a topside LED for power status.
The tape transfer mechanism has a foldaway design to allow what Goss says is easy access too the cylinders for routine maintenance.
The head is attached to the wrist strap with a foldaway connector and 360-degree Globo swivel that allows the head to rotate freely.
The new Swing Lift Foldaway 1200 (FV 1200) from Penny Hydraulics is a fully hydraulic 1200kg capacity vehicle mounted crane designed for a wide range of load handling applications including service, engineering and deliveries.
The foldaway hand crank smoothly raises and lowers the work surface--which is faced with durable black laminate and molded edge--from 26" to 40".
The 16-port GFC 1716A Foldaway eliminates the cost of 16 separate displays and keyboards.