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a warm dry wind that blows down the northern slopes of the Alps

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Andressen y Ponte (1973) mencionan que el Fohn resulta del ascenso de aire por la vertiente andino-llanera hasta las cumbres de la sierra Nevada descargando su humedad y disminuyendo su temperatura; luego, al descender por la vertiente interna hacia el valle del rio Chama, se calienta adiabaticamente disminuyendo su humedad al llegar a los pequenos valles.
But that which I saw took me by surprise: fohn was smiling, almost blissfully.
The new Virus Focus Area is a great resource for anyone who needs to keep current with viruses -- home users, small company IT managers, and CEOs of large corporations," said Stephanie Fohn, SecurityFocus.
This phenomenon occurs normally or occasionally in many of the world's mountains, and is known as the fohn effect or fohn wind; there are other local names, especially in the United States where it is known as the chinook, a term that was originally applied to the wind that descends to the plains on the eastern slopes of the Rocky Mountains.
Fohn (1935), who used paraffin sections to study glands of Citrus medica L.
Even nature is strange: "The Fohn is dangerous, sweet and dangerous.
Experts say the heatwave is due to the Fohn wind sweeping in from Bermuda .
Other terrain induced moderations of air flow include associated local katabatic-anabatic wind reversals up and down high mountain slopes (such as those of Mount Giluwe, east of the Mendi valley), and to some extent fohn winds produced when large-scale air flows force air up across mountain ranges in short periods of time, the air cooling on its ascent of the windward side, causing some precipitation, and warming as it descends the other, giving a dry wind (see McAlpine et al.
Over the years, Gladstone carefully read at least four biographical studies of Palmerston: Le Comte de Ficquelmont, Lord Palmerston, L 'Angleterre et Le Continent (1852); Henry Lytton Bulwer, Life of Henry John Temple, Viscount Palmerston (1870-1874); Evelyn Ashley, Life of Henry fohn Temple, Viscount Palmerston, 1846-1865 (1876); and John Douglas Campbell, the Marquis of Lorne, Viscount Palmerston (1892).
Levels of rainfall, the temperature, and the strength of the warm and dry Fohn winds will also play a role, as well as the water content of the snow, or snowwater equivalent.
These high winter temperatures (up to 18C on some occasions) occur when a moist south to south-easterly airflow warms up downwind of Snowdonia after crossing the mountains, an effect known as the fohn after its more dramatic manifestations in the Alps.
Suddenly the fohn started up, a terrible wind which discoloured the sky and sent menacing clouds shooting across it.