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Synonyms for fogy

an old-fashioned person who is reluctant to change or innovate

Synonyms for fogy

someone whose style is out of fashion

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He described the Reform Paper as "incomplete to reach real reforms, due to its fogy and generalized approaches".
Then she tried to cajole our son to come along, who had plans to chill out with his friend in the mall, rather than go miles into the muggy desert with his old fogy parents, to hear an even older man sing.
Fogy performed a laparotomy, an examination of the biliary tress, an attempted cholangoraphoy, and a needle biopsy of the liver September 14, 2003.
The mailing said "foggy," but somebody picked that up and walked around a big precinct saying we'd called him a fogy.
The kid figured you for a decrepit old fogy, and just didn't fancy the idea of having to help cart a corpse out of the train at Newmarket.
Perhaps I am an old fogy, but I was disappointed in John Allen's commentary on Pope John Paul's plea for hope at Lourdes (NCR, Aug, 27), as if it were inappropriately simplistic in the face of the momentous problems of our day.
I also heard a family member (I won't say of which generation) go: 'The old fogy is getting deaf.
As a result,I'm driving around like an old fogy,barely making it to 30mph in city traffic and panic breaking every whip- stitch.
At the risk of sounding like an "old fogy," I can't help but think that many of today's youth are missing the same opportunity for mentorship that I had.
Market-based campaigns are only going to get more popular, since we're facing such a difficult time politically," says Jim Steitz, the SSC's forest-protection coordinator, and practically an old fogy at age 22.
Surreal Madrid and HD Fogy both picked up their first points of the season in a lively 3-3 draw on the indoor courts.
Wilson and Terry Fogy that appeared in the October 2000 issue of Social Education describing her teaching at Booker T.
ANY OF THE THREE STORIES in this set would have made a good storyboard for a tearjerker film of the type common in Egyptian cinema of the forties and fifties: a gullible peasant virgin is seduced by the landowner's sophisticated son; a true love, believed dead, resurfaces to find his heart's desire married off to his rival; a young bride eagerly accepts a wealthy old fogy as her groom, only to be bored to tears and seek out an adulterous affair.