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Synonyms for fogy

an old-fashioned person who is reluctant to change or innovate

Synonyms for fogy

someone whose style is out of fashion

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The game was packed with end-to-end football and stunning goals, as Madrid and Fogy exchanged blows.
At risk of highlighting my old fogy credentials once again, let me say that I think that reliance on gloves alone instead of good hygiene is a mistake.
I am an old computing fogy. I've been in the software field for close to 45 years, now.
megford[acute{I}]tja egy k[acute{e}]z, fogy az id""m.
But the thought that RTE in their wisdom plan to simply replace one old fogy with another is just too awful to bear.
Clinton does not intend to be a fogy. But he is redefining "modern" for his own purposes.
Among Huneker's collections of critical and biographical pieces are Mezzotints in Modern Music (1899), Chopin (1900), Overtones (1904), Iconoclasts (1905), Egoists (1909), Promenades of an Impressionist (1910), Franz Liszt (1911), Old Fogy: His Musical Opinions and Grotesques (1913), The Pathos of Distance (1913), New Cosmopolis (1915), Ivory, Apes, and Peacocks (1915), Unicorns (1917), Bedouins (1920), and Variations (1921).
Shopkeeper of Handicraft shop at Super Market said that his business is on rise as sale of shawls is getting momentum due to prevailing cold and fogy weather conditions in country.
NNA - The meteorology department at Rafik Hariri International Airport forecasted Sunday's weather to be cloudy at the coast and fogy on higher terrain with a notable drop in temperatures.
The PMC briefed the DG Rescue 1122 that this fogy season was further expected in the coming days due to which major traffic accidents might take place.
Not wanting to admit we now run on the old fogy clock, her dad and I feigned enthusiasm when she proposed setting out - at 12:20 a.m.
A hat-trick from both Gazeley and Hart secured a 6-1 win over HD Fogy for Under PTS.
DASKA, January 20, 2011 (Frontier Star): Due to the prevailing fogy weather conditions across the country, dry weather has badly effected people of Daska, Sambrial, Pasroor and Sialkot.
HD Fogy suffered their third defeat this term when losing out 7-2 to the Untouchables, Craig Tedds producing some clinical work in front of goal with a hat-trick while Mark Davies, Jason Corbett, Alan hall and Graeme Bucknall all on the hit-list with a Thomas double making the end result more respectable.
Athar Ashraf, importer of used cloth at Daska told the online Though weather is vary fogy and cold and warm clothes are yet to arrive in markets in large quantities.